Just spend close to $2,000.. what a day :(

Well ice machine broke so i dont want to mess witht he old stuff i went ahead and purchased one brand new for $1500 today i also need more new hot bags of course i want new ones so i bought 4 of them, 3 new pans for cooking, couple new knifes, my plates for serving were getting old… so i boruhgt new set for pasta entrees and salads… i needed set of silver ware bought that…

so added clsoe to $2,000.

More to come this month remodeling… i have to close the AC unit with drywall NEW Flat Screen on the wall… repaint the store and kitchen new lights.

I will take pics of the final product :slight_smile:

It sux spening money well to be hones my mama helped me haha

Be sure and take lots of pictures. I’d be interested in hearing where you ordered your bowls for the pasta etc…

I’m going to try to do some renovating for my dining room late spring before our 5 year anniversary (for the store, not the dining room)


$3000 on a new reach in, $200 to repair the prep table, $1500 for more pizza pans, $2000 food supplies and it is only 2:00 on Firday afternoon. Glad I don’t do this every Friday.

I heard somewhere that you have to spend money to make money. I should be making a bunch now.

Yeah I’m the same.

When does the money start rolling in ???

When all things started looking good along came the “money muncher” again. Friday afternoon during the roll up down went the dogh roller. Had to finish by hand and through the weekend as well - looking likely to be our biggest week on record doing $12K for the first time.

Repairman just phoned to say can’t fix it today and no loan or hire units available.

Big $$ for a repair bill coming up.


dough roller? That’s me, the 21 year old and a bottle of arthritis strength Tylenol every week. Fewer break-downs, and we move through some skins. Not like hundreds a night, but we do our share by hand . . . 20 seconds apiece unless in a hurry.