Just started DELIVERY 10 minutes ago!!!

Wish me luck, I just started delivery! Thank you all for your help in getting me going, and I will let you know how this week goes!


I would eliminate it if I could.

Do you deliver to

9101 East 22nd Street
Tucson, Arizona 85710

If so I might have and order for you soon depending on how well they take care of me.

thats right, using PMQ Thank Tank for online ordering.

Best of luck, Keep orders accurate and on time and it will succeed

Roll on Magoo! Best of luck and business with your new venture. Tell them to turn their porch lights on when it’s dark.

and the best piece of advice for delivery… make sure you try and be as accurate as possible with your expected delivery time.

People don;t mind waiting an hour if they know up front but the really do mind waiting 40 minutes if they’ve been told 30!

Best of luck!

I agree with Wizzle…give yourself plenty of time to get there. Make sure to box top that you are now delivering.
Good for you…you just invested in a gigantic dining room…at their house! :lol:


Make sure the drivers carry doggie snacks also.
pupperoni is our choice

and watch out for any of those cougars ordering late asking for “extra anchovies”

So it’s been a week, how is going?

So far so good! I am having some trouble with my POS, but I think it is my settings, not the software. It is starting off a bit slow, but growing daily. I have had a bunch of happy campers when they find out that they can order pizza, pasta, apps, ribs, salads, burgers, sandwiches, and fried baskets like tenders and steak fingers! I know this will be a work in progress for quite a while, but hopefully it grows to a point where we are doing a good amount every day. Thank you all for your help here on the TT!!!

I too deliver our whole menu, and I go a bit further out than my neighbor so the people love us for that and are very loyal. We also do toppers and give comment cards with coupons on them and a spot for their email address. we farm tons of email addresses from deliveries. I get a lot of comments that our drivers are very friendly, they are servers on wheels and should act like it too, it is very important that they do, but I’m sure you have that covered. My sales are 50-57% eat in 43-50% delivery/take out with total online orders between 16-22%. My online ordering is really kicking in, I’m projecting as much as 30% online by the end of Summer. I also star ted a Twitter account for daily specials text right to my VIPs cell phones and I’m working on MySpace and Facebook pages. Use it all bro, the internet rules. Good luck!!! :smiley:

Do you pay a fee for internet orders aside from CC fees?