Just starting our new POS

Hello everyone,

we will be going live with our new POS within the next week. I would like to get ideas on how to gather the customer info. I know it is going to be difficult with the walk-in and dine-in crowds. Obviously, I would like to get as much info as I can, but I envision some will even be hesitent to give us their name, much less their phone #, email address, and/or home address.

Any ideas and/or suggestions are greatly appreciated.



Give them something in return, special discount, offers and make sure you have a great Facebook page.

Don’t know if your in the UK, but you also need to be registered with the information commissionaire, and have a privacy policy.

Here is privacy template http://www.businesslink.gov.uk/bdotg/ac … =RESOURCES

Hope that helps


Dine in orders we just ask for a name, nothing more than that. For all phone in orders we get phone number and last / first (maybe) name. All deliveries get address. Occasionally I ask carry out orders for address, but only so we can mail them post cards, etc.


I want the email addresses! We can send 1000 emails for free… A whole lot less expensive than post cards!

For a dine in customer, how about offering a complimentary dessert if they give you an email address?

How about just a simple sheet they can fill out… then push it by saying “this way we make sure we have your number and spelling of your name correct.”

include name, phone number(s), address, email address, and possibly even a special instructions section. Leave several blanks for phone numbers, that way they can list them all and you can list them all under that customer in your POS and help eliminate multiples of entries for the same person.