Just starting out looking at many things

I’m just starting out and in need of lots help. My looking at buying a doyon piz6 and there mixer. Would love some feed back on them items.

I’m going to be the only pizza shop in town so I wanna do it right and not have someone pop up trying to out do me kinda deal.

Looking at making my own dough and hand tossing them. This was how I was trained to do pizza when I was younger.

But the main questions I have are

Are doyon ovens away to go what I have been readin they look good to me.

Also looking for any tips I can get guys I’ll be doing alot more post as I get time and have more questions but a pos is needed as well.

Anyways I need to get to bed

We have a Doyon PIZ6 Gas oven. Everyone raved about them on think tank. They do bake a very nice looking pizza and are quite fast. However we bake our pizzas on the MPress baking pans, and they will not brown on the bottom. They cook great on parchment paper. We were disappointed that we had to change the way our pizzas are prepared in order to bake a nice looking pizza. We are considering selling our oven. It is 1 1/2 years old. If you think you would like a good deal on a used oven contact me.

Hey me2pzza I sent you a pm