Just Venting......Managers

So, I have a manager that has been around for about 5 years. When my last manager left about 2 years ago I moved him up. Making decent money I thought, even gave him insurance for him and his kid. New tires for his car, send me the bill. Need help with a bill, let me know. He asks me for a raise about 6 months ago, not on merit, but because he just thought he deserved more. I told him get labor and food down and I would gladly bonus on sales. He never did anything different. Fast forward to now and he comes to me demanding another 5.00 per hour. I told him what I said last time and that I would gladly pay him more on performance. He said he wouldn’t do it for any less. At which point I said, sorry it isn’t working out, when is your last day? I now realize he got word I was taking over another store and thought he would make a play because I would be in a bind. He doesn’t even have a job lined up. Just frustrating because I feel like I was good to him, maybe too good I guess. He said he would work through the month but now is requesting more days off, but told me he wants to keep his salary until he leaves. He has always worked Sunday because it is the one day I take off. Today he calls and says he needs Sunday off. I am about to the point to send him on his way before he starts causing problems. Just a reminder to me that I will be here long after they all come and go.
Thanks for listening.

Everybody is replaceable. Good by to bad trash, pick up is Tuesday!

I learned long ago, that once an employee gave notice, we made that the last day…

It was difficult at times, but I still believe that is the solution, harsh as it sounds…

Yes and no on the 2 weeks being there last day.
Big difference in someone leaving to go off to school, or move out of state. We have let people in those types of situations stay.

However if they have attitude problems or are not on good terms then notice is there last day for sure

I thought it was on moderately good terms, but I have found out it is not. He didn’t even have another job lined up before he pulled this. He thought I was just going to agree to what he wanted. I agree that I am going to just have to end it now. Just frustrating to get the unexpected wake up call that everybody is looking out for number 1.

I don’t remember where I learned this so if it was one of the Think Tank gang thank to you.

I have notice when an employee starts talking like the are a key to your business it is time to take a close look at the situation. I once had a staff member that would frequently say things like “what would you do without me?”

One day while she was doing dishes the topic came up. I told her to put her hand in the water right to the bottom of the sink. I then told her to take her hand out of the water and see how big of hole was left. That whole is the same for anyone. There may be a ripple for a while but eventually everything is filled in and back to normal.

I have also noticed when staff try to put you in a tight spot it is time to say goodbye to them before things get bad.

Yep. In your situation I say thank you for the notice of your departure. I would pay him his salary through the end of the notice by check on the spot, take his keys and show him the door.

I have gone from being a Manager, to owning my own restaurant, to having a limo service, and back into the pizza world as a Manager.

One thing that hasn’t changed is that some people THINK they are God’s gift to their employer. And the ones that act that way are not that way at all.

For instance, I had an employee who has been demoted from an Assistant to just a server tell me that if she left, sales would drop because all the guys look at her butt while she works. And without that, customers will go away. I almost burst out in laughter on the spot!!

People are replaceable a lot easier then they think they are. I agree with everyone else that you should send him on his way. The performance you will get out of him from this point forward will be more hassle then what it’s worth. Now, if it was someone that was moving on to go to school or make a life change, that would be different.