Just venting

I know every one thinks they can get what ever they want, when ever they want. But come on, at least know what your address is and your cell phone number if you are ordering from a business. We shouldn’t have to google your address for you.

This used to be a once a week occurrence. But over the last few years it has devolved into a situation that comes up multiple times a day. And we get yelled at because we do not know what their address is. Like how is that our fault ??


Ha!.. The hotels and condos here all used to have landlines. Customers did not want to use the cell phone because they were “roaming” or had a limited number of minutes. The result was that when they ordered from the land line our caller ID picked up the address if anyone had ever ordered from that number before… problem solved. Now ALL the calls come from the cell phones and even if they visited Steamboat before they are probably staying somewhere else so even if we have an address it’s wrong!

Of course they are not even sure what the place they are stating is called. “Chateau Something” “The brown condos on the mountain” “Something or other lodge”

Multiple times at day? How about 2 calls out of every three!

Yep. We have a large amount of warehouses in our areas. A lot of the employees are temps and they don’t know the address of where they are. As long as they can give the company name we’re good. But sometimes they don’t know. They try to give us directions but don’t even know the street names.

Yes that happens all the time to us too, if theyre from out of town. Lately weve been having people have thier 6 year old place the family order, Im put in a place where I feel wrong asking to speak to whoever is in the backround relaying all the questions I need answered because the 6 yr old doesnt know

My line: “Can you please put mommy on the phone”

Could this problem be turned into a marketing opportunity? What about printing up magnets with your contact information on it and a blank line at the bottom that read, “For Fast Delivery, Your Address is:____________.” Whenever you get one of those calls, magic marker in the address. Then when you deliver, give it to them and ask them to stick it on the fridge in the break room.

Done that over the years and… just never worked. I once said “maam, I went to the hardware store and got numbers for your mailbox… and installed them. I made you a custom magnet with your address and all pertinent delivery info… can you please help us to help you!”
Your idea is good, by the way… it just made me laugh.
It’s like one of those things that makes sense and should work, but…

my POS allows me to type in a building name for those situations (hotels, schools, businesses) so that my employees can look up the address automatically which helps

Google Maps helped us, as well. We’d switch to Satellite and see the exact bldg.

How about the people who work with 500+ other people and don’t give their name when they order? Then my driver shows up and he has no idea who to ask for.

We have a few different Amazon warehouses and sometimes they don’t know which one they’re at. Then they will request the driver call when they arrive and then not answer their phone. Most of my customers are pretty good, that’s really the only place we have any of those types of problems. They are almost always $60+ orders though so it’s worth the trouble.

I made a few signs for a large mfg facility in my town (last store) and it said


and one with a “B” and so on. From that point forward THAT was where we met and it was well marked, everybody knew, etc New people would ask older employees where to meet our driver, etc
But we always said “Driver will be at Meeting Point A in 25 minutes, be there or be hungry”

I have same issues with Comcast orders, theyre always big orders then they dont answer the phone and its a locked door building. The driver usually has other orders dying in their car while they wait for the person, who 10 mins later casually strolls out with no realization how annoying they are