Just went with taradel

Day 1 of the process to have 10,000 11x17 menus 60# total cost 999
put down 400

I am suppose to recieve a call tomorrow from art department to finish the photos/colors

I will then door hang all of these and bring the results to the tt


ive had great success dealing with taradel. Pretty fast turnaround time.
i was mailing them 2 weeks after i initially ordered.

yes Taradel has been doing our menu’s for a couple years now. Only had one printing issue with them which they resolved quickly, so thats a plus.

Pizzatime, I assume your getting plastic bags to put the menu’s in to hand on the doors… where are you getting them from?

We also use Taradel. Nothing but great things to say about them.

We are lucky to have such amazing customers! You guys should work on a “group buy” for takeout menus and direct mail campaigns. Get 5+ operators to order at the same time and I’ll look into massive discounts…just an idea!

All the best guys,


Actually i was going to hit the new neighborhoods first on a weekly basis till gone. I have thousand of new homes with a 3 mile radius that all have the same mailbox which includes a paper slot underneath.

I havent thought the other out yet. I might just put in to the screen door- I did this with my last promotions and never had a problem


I was buying mine from ballotbox.com, but the website does not seem to be working (perhaps the deals were truly to good to be real). I’ve seen people mention uline.com as a good source.

I like using the little bags because I can pop in a magnet or a homemade flier promoting a special event with the menu, I see a considerably better return doing that. Also, a quick tip. Pre-stuff your bags and then slide them onto the hook of a clothes hanger, it makes it extremely easy to carry and access a large number of bags at once.

You could always staple rubber bands to them as well.

Hole punch and rubber bands…