Is anybody here familiar with them?

They called last night twice during the rush, pretending to be a customer and wanting to place an order but first they had a couple of questions. The questions were obviously filling out a data sheet of some sort, verifying physical address, what type of payment accepted and such. I cut the call off the first time because I had 3 groups of paying customers in front of me. They called back an hour later and one of my employees got the call. We were still busy (no school today and we did not staff up last night so we were undermanned a little) Again with the verify physical address, can I pay with my diners club, visa, master-card, American express or discover card. and on and on. I got the phone and the woman on the other line would not tell me who she was or who she worked for or what she was doing, still pretending to be a customer so I told her I did not appreciate her deception and hung up.
the number she called from was 347-725-0976 caller ID said New York. In both calls when we asked for their address they said They were near Fields Lane, Fields lane is an obscure road that would not be used as a landmark because nobody knows where it is at.

I called that number after we got done with clean up and the recording said it was Justdial.com a new search engine for mobile phones to find what you are looking for. I googled them today and I guess they are big in India and trying to get big here.

So does anybody use them? I would like to be listed on any search engine out there, but I hate the lies and was really turned off by the deceitful way they are gathering data.

Never heard of them and I’d say you’ve answered your own question. I don’t think I’d be associated with them if this is their typical business methodology.