Karma... Its nice to be nice..?

Came in late today Sun was shining too hot too work and had the full squad in, 4 instore and 3 drivers. Orders on screen … 12.

Im optimistic-ish and was determined not to let anyone off just incase we got this really big order in.

Then i get informed that this little ol lady that comes in four times a year looking for a prize for her raffle in her little ol ladies club had just visited. I thought well atleast someone will be happy today.

It was not a can I have something for free visit this time it was an order.

Forty x-large pizzas every tuesday and friday till mid september. They are doing this thing for the community and the council are paying for the food through them.

She said because we never hesitated in giving away prizes when she needed felt it was time to do her bit.

I love little ol ladies… disclaimer(that buy 40 x-large pizzas twice a week)

Dayum Ali,

That’s a smokin’ hot order right there. Good job. Sometimes being nice does pay.


Wow !

That gives me hope that one of the many organizations we give pizza to will someday come in and actually pay for a pizza. 8)

Woo-hoo! THAT is a very sweet payback.
We donate probably a pizza a week to one or another good cause. I sure hope someday I get that kind of solid return. I mean, I feel good donating them for various fundraisers, but I’d feel REAL good with an order like that!