Karrington's Black Book

Can anyone give me some feedback on this suite of products? Do any of you use these techniques? Thinking of giving it a try so that I open my place correctly from the get-go.

My main concern is the impression I get that the materials presented within are several years old and are starting to get out of date. In other words, he’s milking the product for everything it’s worth.

Thanks for any candid advice.

find the Think Tank Archives. It’s been hashed, rehashed, frozen, rehashed again, and finally put on the buffet line. Then, it’s been refrozen, rehashed,

ad nauseum.

Plenty in there. My opinion: save your money.


Eupher is right on there. The BB is a pretty good read, but the parts are all over the interenet. My results were also much lower than the ones in the book.

Just set up a good marketing plan with d-mailers, door hangers, and newspaper inserts done on a regular basis and you should be good. Check new movers and val-pack. If you look at those 2 companies here on the forums, you will see they are either loved or hated. I would at least give them a try though to see if they work well in your market.


Like anything else…you get what you focus on. I only used some of the things he said and i have not been down as far as I was last year. I look at it like I made more extra money in one month than it cost me for the BB.

Mike, you’ve asked a good question. One thing I’ve found in most of the threads is that it’s not cheap. That’s good and bad. If you pay $350 (if memory serves) and think “what a load of crap”, you’ve already defeated yourself – you’re not going to use it. If you figure that you’ve already “blown” $350, so you might as well do what it says, you might end up with a great return on investment.

The common thread is that it’s just words on paper, and seriously, how can a little binder be worth that kind of money, especially when the info is available elsewhere (albeit a LOT of different elsewheres)? You’re not paying for paper and ink, you’re paying for the experience of someone who has done it before you, made changes, and frankly, you’re paying for the expertise.

Having never read the thing, I have no opinion on it. It does (or did anyway) come with a money-back guarantee.

However, the first thing you must do is get your operation running, running smoothly, and have a product and the staff to handle your customers’ needs. It’s harder to win back a ticked off customer than it is to get a prospect in the door the first time.

Go look in the archives for “grand opening”. One of the best things I’ve read in there is do always do a soft opening, get the kinks worked out, THEN do a grand opening.

Oh, and FYI, your smtp server isn’t working :slight_smile:

I am in Australia and have read these groups on and off for a year or so and even asked the question about the book

From what i have been able to find out about the book it will drive your pizza sales up but drink and side order sales down By what i have been told and sent " And a nice person from this group sent me a copy of the Million Dollar Letter " The so called million dollar LETTER is giving drinks and side orders away to get someone to buy your pizza at the full price.

Everyone say’s dont lower the price of your pizza just give other stuff away for free.

I do not see what the difference is my self between Lowering the price of the pizza and selling drinks and side orders either way you still get money

The other part of the book is also words you should use like the word FREE here in Australia we always think if its for FREE its built in the price here we would rather have a DEAL where you can see where your saving money

I think you should come up with your own ideas or ask others for some as well. Here in Australia every Town or City is different and the same marketing ideas dont work everywhrere


PS. Like the code idea PMQ Australia should do the same to cleen up there thinktank even though there is very little input from Forum Users

best money you will ever spend

I recently received an email from a friend that touched on this general thread. the gist of it was:
“ever notice in a sucess seminar there are people that take the information and say “This is great stuff! I am going to use this.” and they go and become successful. Then there are those who say “I have heard all of this before.” and they continue to do what they have always done getting the same results they have always had”

I do not have the book but I have used some of the ideas from the book that I have found on the internet. These have been profitable and have sparked other ideas. The best advice I can give is don’t be like the second person, the guy who said " I have heard this all before"

The difference between lowering price and giving away is margin. How much does a large drink cost you? F’rinstance, if you sell a 32 oz to go for $1.35. Total cost, maybe $.35 cup, lid, drink, ice. YMMV, of course. Lowering the cost of your pizza to a LC’s or PH or PJ level cuts much bigger into your profits. Of course, it takes a lot of drink giveaways to make up the difference…AND, a 2 liter is a lot more expensive to giveaway than a to go fountain cup.

So, you really need to do your own calculations on free vs reduced price. Whichever you feel more comfortable with, what your customer base demands, etc.

But do you need an expensive book to tell you that?

We have a good markup on drinks and garlic bread’s here so to give a drink away at cost plus a little give’s the customer the impression they are saving alot of money but that would be the difference between here and there i suppose but like you said each person needs to do his own calculations.

And no i would not spend money on a book that give people common sense advise i think you can get better FREE ideas just by reading this forum.