KC Wild Wings(Farmland)

I know I saw this topic out there some place but could not find it, someone was talking about these pork shanks. I had these on my menu a few yrs ago, and I had an old customer come in, who had moved out of state & is back, they were asking me about them, well I told him I had taken them off the menu becuase they just were not selling, well I told him I would try them again , ONLY because he was a really good customer, so I had my supplier order them, got them in, and in order for me to make any money I would have to sell a 3pc for $17 at a 33% mark up and that not oincluding packaging, sauce or anything, that is just plain cooked, just to make anything :cry: there is no way in h.ll I can sell them for that price. Is anyone out there getting these and at what cost. Mine are 4oz 36pc per box, my supplier lowered the price down to $48 they were $54…NOT HAPPY ABOUT THIS

Ok I stated the mark up wrong, it would be $17 for a 3pc with packaging, sauce labor, it would be $12, cooked plain, noo sauce & packaging.

We use the 2oz size and they are just fine for appetizers. The four ounce size is what I would use in a sit down restaurant with these as a center of the plate item.

We sell 6 of them for $8. We sauce them before we run them through the oven. We do take a little lower mark-up on items like this that we do not have to prep.

Im really not using mine as an appetizer, I sell them just on there own, what are you paying for your 2oz? I just think that with the mark up of 33% it is to much. A couple yrs ago they did not seem that expensive. I may just have to not sell them at all. My old pricing was 3pc $6.99 - 6pc $11.99, crap I put in my price for the 6pc & it is telling me I have to sell them for $27.

Should I raise my price up a few bucks & throw in an ind salad & breadsticks so they feel they are getting a good deal?

My memory was defective. Just called my manager to confirm the price, We are paying the same price you are… but with a 2 oz size we get 80 per case… so about 60 cents each.

We do not shoot for 33% cost on a size item like this that we heat and deliver. For us, these sell as an add-on sale to a pizza order like chicken wings or mozz sticks.

To launch them, we offered them several times as a free with puchase item on a 16" two top pie. They have a bit of a following now.

I will then have to talk with my supplier, and possibly switch over to the smaller ones and do like you, sell as an add on & not sell just by them self. Thanks for the info I appreciate that

For us, wings are a loss leader. If we didn’t have customers coming in asking for them so often, I would just drop them. At $40-$44 per 10 lbs, they are pretty expensive.

Ours are Tyson brand and they are definitely riding the “wings” craze, milking everything they can. Like most Tyson products, they are pricing themselves out of the market as far as I am concerned.

@decidion, we have been talking about pork wings in this thread, but the price you mention for wings (assuming you mean chicken wings) is pretty high. You can find fully cooked for under $3 per pound and you are paying almost $4.50.

Our chicken wings weigh 1.5 lbs for a dozen and we sell that for $9.75. Not pizza margins but hardly a loss leader when added to an order.

With the prices of wings I don’t see how places like Wingzone and Wing Stop manage to do it

My mistake… I guess I read through the thread too quickly, so yeah, I was talking about chicken wings. They are Tyson, pre-cooked and dipped either in BBQ sauce or Fire sauce and frozen. We basically just take them straight from the freezer and into the oven, so there is no real labor component on our end. Still expensive though.

Have a look for a plain cooked wing and stock the sauces yourself. It will be quite a bit less $$ and the prep is minimal… just dunk them in the sauce.