Keeping dough at 55 degrees on the line

Does anyone know of any coolers, chillers or refrigerators that support a 50 to 60 degree temp? I have a dough that needs those temps on the line prior to panning and sheeting and can’t seem to find any units that can do it…any help would be great.



I think since you are out of the “safe” food holding temp range that this might be hard too find outside the really expensive “research” style refers that have a full range of temps. I would think you could take a regular refer and have a new thermostat installed that is adjustable for your needs, but I am just taking a guess here. Good luck.

Some wine coolers do that range. Good luck.


Candy and wine coolers are usually capable of temperatures 50 to 70 degrees.

George Mills

I got one that maintains temps no lower than 5o degrees . . . it is a malfunctioning True prep station, so it is not reliable to count on for staying functioning.

It is cool insights about the candy cooler . . . never thought about a specific tool for them. Nice.

Have you asked your local health inspector if what you want to do is legal?..Hate to see you buy some equipment that can not be put to use…

Thank you. I’ll investigate.

The idea is that rather than let the dough heat up to “room temp” is to keep it at 55 while on the line, one of my doughs needs a cooler temp so it can be panned correctly…


I find room temp dough is easier to handle and bakes up nicer. We take our doughballs out of the walk-in about two hours before dinner and let them start to warm up.

We recently bought a Traulsen 2 door, glass, unit…digital. Have it set to 50 degrees. I assume it would go to 55 as well.

Thank you. Would you happen to know the model of your unit so I can research it?

Would be greatly appreciated.