keeping mushrooms

we use fresh sliced mushrooms we can only buy them buy the large box we keep them in the fridge on second shelf so they have plenty of air around them but by about the 5th day they start geeting slimy is this normal? i just get tired of tossing them out and dont want to use can ones . HELP!!!

We get fresh sliced mushrooms in as well. I don’t know what it is, but this week they’ve been turning dark and slimy a lot faster than usual. I had to toss about 7 lbs. in the last week and a half.

Ours comes in 5 lb. plastic tubs with moisture absorber thing on top. That usually keeps them nice and fresh for a week or more. Not this week though.

If you are buying pre-sliced they will go bad faster (and cost you more). We buy 10lb boxes of whole mushrooms and slice them. They cost about $1.10 to $1.30 a pound. Five days shelf life is on the short side but not unheard of. We go through about 30 lbs a week right now so we do not have a problem with it. In the winter we go through over 100 lbs a weeks.

You can also buy them at the grocery store if the 10 lb box is a problem. The price will be higher, but still very cheap as a portion cost. The appearance is important on the pizza and crucial on salads.

You might try adding mushrooms to some “named” menu combos to pick up the velocity. They are a popular item on pizza.

We buy fresh sliced mushrooms as well. Ours get probably 7 to 9 days usually. One thing you might consider in working with large packaging of the little fragile jewels is breaking them down quickly into usable lots. We take the 5# box and make up three 1/6 pans of mushrooms at a time, label them and store in work cooler for reloading tables. Taking them in and out of cooler inone large bulk will give more heat stress to them as the week goes on. Each time you take them out, you add temp/time load.

Breaking a 15# into three 5# for handling will probably make the back two last longer in the cooler.

Who is your food purveyor? when I used US foods we could buy mushrooms by the case I got two 5 lb buckets. If you don’t use enough, get them from the grocery store. You might pay a little more… but you will save from having to throw so much out.

We also use fresh whole mushrooms,10# for $15, slice,em when you need em. They will last lots longer if you don’t cut,em till you need them.

We get 10# flats too, but cut our own. They last longer if you cut them. The other thing you mentioned in your post…They get plenty of air. That is what speeds up the process. So cover them. You don’t want the air to get to them.

we get 5# boxes of sliced from the farmers market we have close by…25 minutes. worth the drive because they are less expensive and I get them directly from the farmer=fresh. Look and see if you have one in your area. Our shelf life is easily 7-9 days using the same proccess as nick by breaking them down into 4" deep 1/6 pans.

wow…mine were “slimy” this week also…first time in a year