Keeping pizzas hot

Check this out.

It looks like a Chevy Sonic, customized by Dominos with a built-in oven/warmer, and a few other unique features.

A very interesting approach for delivering a piping hot pizza.

George Mills

Love me some pizza innovation, thanks for sharing this George!

This is awesome. But there are much cheaper was to deliver warmer pizza.

Pretty sure this is more about “marketing” than anything else…

I’m pretty sure they’re “marketing” fresher pizza.

I look at it more as a very expensive car topper. But instead of it being a topper, it is the car.

It’s no fresher than any other. It’s just a warmer, not a baking oven. How much overhead does it add?

What is most important IMO, if it does add overhead, will the increase in overhead be offset by an increase in sales…It may be that this vehicle does not add any more costs to the equation any another kind of delivery vehicle…,2817,2493640,00.asp