Keeping Pizzas Warm

Hi All,

Was interesting in seeing everyones setup for pizzas that have been run through the oven and boxed and are just waiting for pickup or delivery. Do you store them atop your oven? Do you have warming plates on a special rack? Please upload a picture if you can as I am looking for ideas since what we currently have isn’t working anymore now that we are much busier. Thanks!!

Can’t get a picture today as I am not in the store, but we have two warming shelves with heating elements above them. Each shelf will hold 4 stacks of 3 16" pies across.

Most stores i have ever worked at, including my current store uses the same setup as bodegahwy

We equip most of the shops we sell with two Lockwood model CA 72-PFCD.We Modify with smaller slides and use 10 screens for shelves .Price $2000.00 prox. plus shipping.

We have well over a thousand of these scattered nation wide and the users are very happy.

George Mills

All I do is put them on top of my oven.

Thanks for the info guys! We currently put them atop our oven but we have run out of space on busy nights. One of our customers owns a fabricating company and one day he was in and I asked him about fabricating a custom shelf that sits atop our single deck oven. Think we are going to go that route which eliminates the need for additional heat source as the heat with radiate up through the shelf and keep the pies warm. Wanted to see if anyone else had any cool/inventive setups. Thanks!

And keep posting pictures if you have 'em!

Rather than going to the trouble and expense of fabricating a custom shelf, I would think an aluminum dunnage rack would be cheaper and probably work as well or better.

OSV, thats a great idea! I will most definitely look into that if the price comes back out of the range we are willing to spend. The custom shelf does provide a couple features that the dunnage racks wouldn’t provide (multiple levels, heavier gauge, and has a more polished look) but I will definitely keep my options open. Thanks!