keeping pizzas warm

we have always stacked pizzas on oven to stay warm, new shop i’m trying to figure out how to keep to go pizzas warm-not on the oven, to make it easier for the counter help to get to go orders out, any suggestions ?

John: We use this as a warmer for pizzas, proofer for breads/ Sicilian dough/heat dough balls out of the fridge when needed quickly. It hold 18 pizzas and we use it everyday going on 5 years with no problems. It works much better than the top of a pizza oven. The oven top works great if you only have 1 layer of pizzas. If you have to stack them the upper stacked pies cool pretty fast. The proofing box will keep them warm in the boxes or on trays. When we need dough warmed in a hurry we pull out the lower 8 shelves and replace them with a shelf I have configured because the spacing on the stock racks are too close together to hold a dough box. Walter

The above is an excellent item but we use a less costly one. We have over 1000 of these in use nationwide. Price $1835.00 Plus shipping Includes 10 wire shelves. George Mills

I build my own using stainless steel shelving, speed rails and strip warmers I’ll send you a picture and a parts list later. Works great, holds more pizzas and cost less than 1/2 the price.

What about humidity? Are you guys using any humidity with your solutions, or are they completely dry?

The units we supply have a humidity feature built in.

George Mills

That’s what all the schools I deliver to use- hot hold cabinets.

We have a Cres Cor holding cabinet we got from an LC. Love it.

Thanks David, thank you everyone else too,

Here is a unit I’m almost done putting together. It has (3) 72 inch heat strip warmers and can hold (96) 16 inch pizzas.
Pay no attention to the junk on it. Its in my garage and my wife has stored some stuff on it. I used wire shelving post and stainless steel shelves. Then I put speedrails on the shelves to lift the pizza up off the shelf and allow steam to flow underneath. You can set the speedrail on top of the shelf but I drill holes in the shelf for all the feet of the rail. That lets the rail set a little lower and allows you to get more pizzas on the shelf. You can also just use the standard wire shelf but it does not hold the heat as well. Humidity or lack there of is not an issue. The pizzas already have plenty of steam to keep them moist. They will dry out but only after a couple of hours. The pizza usually only set on this rack for 5 or ten minutes.

This one did cost a bit more. About $1500, but you can build a 2 shelf 60 inch unit with wire shelves for less than $500


David : I have not seen the solid stainless steel shelves for the metro racks, where did you get those ? Rack looks good and efficient. Thanks !

You will probably have to order them. Here is the Metro ones

You can find them for less if you shop around. I get them from a local restaurant supply. Action Sales in City of industry CA

Heat lamps have a tendency to dry out the product. Units providing humidity are much better.
George Mills

George can you send me info on this unit please?

HI daddio;
so happy to hear from you. give me again your E mail and I will send the info you reques

George mills

Hi George,
Do you have a link for this item?

Can you please send a picture to me as well.
Appreciate your timing.

Email me and I’ll send you a free case of #PerfectCrust pizza liners!