keeping things HOT!

We got the band booster fundraiser for all the sporting events.

Any ideas where to buy and inexpensive holding cabinet or warmer? Any other creative ideas on how to keep the pizzas warm?



BTW Jrockk…loved the article in PMQ you did! YA DA MAN!

How long do you have to keep the pies warm? Does the choice you make need to be really portable?

No it does not need to be portable. The gal said Dominoes used to do them. They would bring 12 pizzas at a time. So I would need to keep them warm.

We can leave “it” at the concession stand. We live in a small town of around 7500 people. Sporting events at the high school are huge here! We are also located blocks from the school.

Normally we have done small pizza by the slice selling and use a heat lamp. We will probably do this but in the mean time where to put the pizzas until they are used are the issue.

Man, this is a great opportunity for us just to get our name out there. Sure we won’t get rich but getting involved with the community is priceless especially when we got the business from one of the big guys!

She wasn’t real receptive to delivering a few pies at a time.

Any help would be great! :lol:

Get an old coke or pepsi cooler- remove refridgeration- use a $10 hot plate from Wal-mart works great.

you can often get the cabinets with fouled refrigeration for under $100 . . . I almost got one for $50, but had nowhere to store it at the time.

I just finished doing an makeshift concession for a mud race. I took my heated display cabinet, a table, a canopy and a portable generator. We baked the pizzas at the store and took them out 8 at a time in delivery bags. Everyone (including the health inspector) was happy and the pizza was hot.

Maybe you could do something along these lines.

do you have a proofer? if so use that, just turn the temp up a bit and make sure you have enough dough on hand so that you don’t have to use the proofer

Since this is a huge event for you,why not go buy a used or even new warmer? It should pay for itself in no time.Be professional from the jump and they will love you.


We use 2 different ones - we have the heated bag that has room for 6 16". It plugs in and keeps the pies warm for about an hour. I think it cost us about $150. The other one we have is a warmer oven with humidity control. We got that one from the Vegas convention - it hold about 14 pies I think and keeps them very hot for about 4 hours. I think that one ran about $1800.

most of the big boys use a metal box with a slot in the back for those little wick things u can light. keeps warm till next del is needed.

sorry dont remember name of it.