What do you typically pay for a keg of beer. I’m thinking of changing locations to incorporate dine-in customers and hope to get some alcohol sales. Currently just take-out and delivery. What about a beer and wine license?

That really depends on the type of beer, supplier etc…

Bud vs “”“This Small Local Microbrew” vs Guiness vs etc etc are all going to be very different.


most domestic will be pretty close…bud, bud light, miller lite, ect…$70-$80
however, some micros or imports run about $120 or more…
Hometown micros run a little less if they are not trucked all over.
We can get a Brooklyn Brew (Brown, Pilsner, Lager, ect) from NY (via our distributor) for $46 (1/6 barrel = about 40 pints)

It really depends on what the market bears!