Keto crusts?

Does anyone have a Keto crust they offer? Just wondering what you use if you do. I have been also wanting to throw around a cauliflower crust idea but don’t know where to start with that.

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I just ordered a case of cauliflower crusts from my food service guy. It is made by Rich’s. Tried some at the food show they hosted recently, it was not too bad but I will try it out & see how it cooks in my oven

Can I ask who you ordered thru bc none of my food guys say they have premade ones

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I ordered from Nicholas and Co. they are based out of Salt Lake City UT. Try contacting Rich’s directly and see if they can find you a seller of it.

I saw a cauliflower crust when I googled pizza crust…it’s there a href=“”>

Local-ish place sells it.
I noted that on their menu they say “knife and fork needed” so people understand that it’s not like a regular crust.