Key for the perfect dough?

I was wondering, every where you go to eat pizza their dough is different. Some people have the awesome crispy dough, or a nice chewie dought etc… what you think is the key for a perfect dough? or more general, key for the perfect pizza?

That’s an easy one to answer. The key to a perfect dough or a perfect pizza is to make what your customers want. There is no “perfect” dough or pizza that fits everyone. The only perfect one is the one that you can sell successfully. Now, with that said, there is a key to success in selling pizza, or anything else for that matter. That key is “consistency” being able to deliver the same quality product 24/7/365. This has been McDonalds key to success and they have proven that it works world wide. The problem is that this is by far, the most difficult aspect to achieve, but it can be done, just ask Pizza Hut, Domino’s, or any of the other large chains that have gone International.
There are certain things that you can do to your own business that will contribute to the consistency of your product. Attention to detail is critical. Have a complete operations manual and follow it to the letter. Monitor, record, and achieve all specified times and temperatures, and possibly humidity (pan pizzas) associated with your product, and then give some thought to your store, how clean is it? how do your customers perceive it? What about the quality of service, and then toss in perception of value. I know I’ve probably missed a few things here, but you get the picture. A product that your customers want, quality that they can depend upon, and a customer friendly store. That’s what its all about in my humble opinion.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

I understand Tom… i just asked because sometimes when i talk to people, and i tell them i am in the pizza business, the first thing the ask is " What’s the key to make a good pizza " and it is a very general person, i just wish i could think of something simple and good to answer…Do you know kind of what i am trying to say??

The BEST pizza in New York and the BEST pizza in Chicago are going to be completely different. It’s regional. The crusts are different, the sauces are different, and St. Louis has proven that the cheese is different (they use Provel). You’ll even get complaints for using quality pepperoni because it doesn’t crisp up and cup.

Some folks will tell you that QUALITY ingredients is the root of all great pizza, but some folks PREFER rabbit pellets over real quality Italian sausage. I had huge compliments for my non-greasy sausage, and it was far from “real” sausage – basic cheap rabbit pellets.

To me, a good pizza is a cheese pie – loaded with cheese. Others will tell you that a pizza should be a balance of ingredients and there’s such a thing as too much cheese.

You have to determine what YOU believe makes a great pizza and push those traits. However, you can put a mediocre Chicago pizza joint next to the absolute best that New York has to offer and some people will still like the mediocre Chicago pizza better.

You bet I do. Tell them it is in the application of a lot of TLC and attention to details that makes your pizza stand apart from the others.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

you make a good point snowman…it all depends on what style of pizza you reffering to… i agree that a plain cheese pizza is the best pizza… nice and simple… and tom that is a nice and short answer…it’s just funny because when you tell a friend or somebody else you make pizzas for a living, they assume that you are SUPER PIZZAIOLO and you can answer all kinds of question including that question that doesnt have an specific answer " whats the key of making the perfect pizza" or " how can i make a good pizza"… but like snowman said, it is all of the style that u like, thin crust, deep dish etc… thanks guys…

“The pizza maker”

“You can’t, come buy mine” :stuck_out_tongue:

that’s a good answer and the best part is that it’s true ! I’ll use it

long hours and hard work, but you do not have to tell them that part

Hey how about this answer guys. " dont put too much sugar in your dough so it can be nice and crispy, pick a good cheese blend and a tasty sauce" what you think?