key marketing

anyone have any dealings with key marketing? They are stopping in to see us…

I’ve seen so many, I can’t remember - but is this one of those companies that offers to print and sell door-to-door, free of charge to you, a coupon book/folder to promote your business?

If so, I’d kick them out as soon as they walk through your door. This type of marketing pitch absolutely makes me furious.

no, hotel marketing

You are talking about key cards? If so, lol, that is probably my second most hated scam.

You can get your own key cards printed for a fraction of the cost - and give them to the hotels yourself. Of course you will need to talk with the hotels first and make sure they will agree to accept and use them.

If you are interested let me know and I’ll give you the contact info of the company we use to print the keycards.

I use JLS Marketing for my key cards. They’ve always been fair priced and SUPER FAST on the turnaround. I ordered cards for one of my hotels Tuesday and they will arrive tommorow. I don’t have an invoice handy but I think they charge me somewhere around $60-70 per box of 500.

could you double check that it seems awful good price.

I’ll check tomorrow when I have a chance, but I thought this was in the range that I pay. We have 5 or six stores that buy from him so maybe thats where the price comes in. I’ll let you know tomorrow for sure.

Give Dom at Dom’s Pizza in Upstate New York a call at his store 518-783-0772
Tell him Andy said for you to ask for him.
He deals with several hotels where he pays for the hotel key cards to be printed.
On the key card it shows his store name, phone number & I believe part of his menu.
He is very successful with this.

Also, make sure you do not do business with Mark Walters or his company National Hotel Guides under any circumstance! He “sells” these cards and hotel channel guides, gets your money, never to be seen again. I know of a lot of pizza shops he’s stolen from, mostly in Florida, the Carolinas, and Ohio.

I’m John, I print keycards for Doms and Paul in Gainsville, give me a call, I can help you get a program started.
we are currently building a new site but you can see what we do at

ok here is their pitch.
we have 4 hotels in our area. they will do channel guides in 3 of the
room keys for 2 of them and all 4 of them get the guest directory.
set up 200 each hotel and 3.00 per order (one the key cards and the channel guides its a 1800 number that is forwarded to us. that’s how they keep count

3.00 per order…That is a pretty hefty amount…Say your average order is 25.00 that means your marketing cost is 12%…With a 40.00 order it is 7.5%…And how do they count calls that do not end up in orders?..

PS…And add 3% more for the expense of charge cards…

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How could they even be in business? You mean to tell me there is someone that actually falls for that deal? :roll:

… and don’t forget to add in that orders share of the $800 in setup costs…

Hi Rockstar (and all others out there),

I am very interested in learning more about this particular marketing for our stores. Do you, or does anyone else out there, have any more information on this particular marketing company? I’m specifically looking for companies out there who will charge the pizzeria a flat fee or percentage of the sale for marketing to the hotels using key cards and channel guides. I personally think its a much better deal for us to pay a flat fee, %, or commission, on our orders generated through that type of marketing. It’s a safer way of advertising because we would only be paying when we get performance, orders, revenue, etc. in from the marketing (except for the set up fee). I’d gladly pay a marketing company (or anyone else) a $3 “commission” on every order I get from an out of town tourist or business person who I am most likely not going to get any repeat business out of. If my average order size on delivery is $22, I am paying 14% marketing cost (again, ONLY AFTER I get the order!) I’d rather pay this 14% and get the order, than to lose out my competition and get ZERO.

Again, any info on any of the marketing companies that anyone knows out there who are selling thier marketing services this way would be much appreciated!


14% marketing plus the value of whatever deal (discount) being offered? I would be willing to bet that the profit most operators make (if you are an owner operator, subtract a fair manager wage from your “profit” to determine what the number would be) is in the range of 8-12%. Guess what, typical marketing plus typical profit equals… ta-da! 14%

No thank you.

I did one of these phone deals years ago and it worked OK, but it was $1.50 per call and .25 for second calls from the same number on the same day. They had a speed dial button on every phone that was labeled “Pizza Delivery”.

For in-room guides (We are in something like 4000 rooms around here) we pay about 50 cents per room.

Hotel marketing is a good thing, but scams abound. You have reach your own opinion of what an order is worth paying to get.

I always have trouble convincing myself that key cards are worth doing. Even at the $60 per 500 mentioned above. A friend owns a local hotel with 80 rooms. He tells me that he goes through 30,000 keys per year. That would be 60 boxes. At $60 per box, that would come to $3600 just for that one property. I would have to believe that I was going to see something like $50,000 in sales for that number to make any sense. That comes to 5 orders per night 365 days per year.