Kick in the tail on the way out the door

So, all the checks had finally cleared and it was time to close the bank account from our shut-down Columbus location. Went into the bank and the teller informed me, “there’s a $50.00 fee for closing a business account.”

I chuckled and took the rest of the funds over to my nice, tiny local bank and asked the teller there if they had a fee for closing a business account. She looked at me sort of puzzled and said, “No.”

So now my last experience and my freshest memory about Fifth Third Bank will be this: They kicked me in the @$$ on the way out the door. The marketer/businessman inside me can only shake his head in disbelief at this sort of short-term thinking.

What would they have done if you ran the balance down to about $2.73 and then said you need to close the account? Just tell them to take it out of the remaining balance.

Wow…people are crazy. Too bad you didn’t have some other accounts you could have said ya know why don’t we just get all these accounts closed.