Kitchen Display System

Anybody use a kitchen display system? Are there any disadvantages to using them? We currently use printed tickets in our kitchen. I’m trying to get rid of the messy pile of a million tickets that inevitably happens every Friday and Saturday night.

I would not say there is a disadvantage. Bump the order once it is done. Ticket prints at cut/box once bumped. Much better than tickets only. We do have tickets print for salads so we can staple the tickets to the bag.

Have been using Kitchen Displays since TMS back in 1994. You could never pay me enough to go back to tickets.

There are some downsides but they are few and far in between and heavily dependent on your POS setup.

All depends what kind of volume you do. I did it in one of my locations. I did the others within a year after that if it tells you anything. Definitely streamlines things and keeps things in order for your cut/box. Obviously you still have tickets that print when the order is bumped to the cut table, but it is way more organized. It’s one of those things you look back on and wonder why you did it the old way for so long.

I use a kitchen monitor and couldn’t imagine doing paper tickets. Our system has an item by item bump while many others are ticket by ticket bump. The benefits to a monitor is the items can be seen from a distance, they can be seen immediately and there’s no losing the tickets. If I need to know an item number for something coming out of the oven, I can scroll back through the made items on the makeline monitor to find it which I feel is much easier than looking through paper tickets. Does your POS offer a makeline monitor?

Thanks for the feedback guys! I just ordered the hardware for it so hopefully I’ll have it up and running sometime next week. I’ll keep you posted on how the transition goes.

Yes let us know how it works out. I need to at least experiment with a kitchen display system. As you know Mondo we have a huge issue with dozens of delivery tags printing out all at the same time and creating that pile on the cut table. Then we have to change the order around at the make table to get carry outs in first or group deliveries together and that causes chaos on the cut table. Right now its takes 3 people to pull the ovens on Fridays and Saturdays. We need to get that down to 2 and smooth things out over there. Even if it means having 1 more person on the makeline just bumping tickets.

Will do david. I have also thought about adding the kitchen display while keeping the kitchen printer. Basically using the kitchen display system to sort the tickets in the order that makes sense. I anticipate the downside of the display system is not having the ticket to read down the line. Might cause a few more mistakes having to tell the next person the toppings. With the kind of volume you do, that kind of setup might workout best.

I would keep the make tickets for sure. Just use the screen as a helper.

I use a video splitter with two monitors. First Monitor is readable at the dough/sauce area. The second monitor is visible from the rest of the make line to the oven (the oven runs perpendicular to the end of the make line).

If there is a problem, we just pull the boxes with the labels since they are directly behind the make line.

I like the video splitter idea. Although with your volume, David, you may want to consider another bump station further down the line (or at any individual prep/make areas), as well as an expeditor screen. You can also set up a make line display to show all toppings if you like—to avoid generating paper other than a delivery slip or label at the end.

I wish the trainer had removed the background logo before he shot [B]this kitchen display video[/B], but Arick gives a good look at some of the options here.

My plan is to order a station or two and just start testing them to see how they can help us. The make tickets work great for us. Our makeline is 26 feet long. The ticket travels with the order down the line and is made by several different people along the way. The person that loads the oven checks for accuracy and tosses the ticket. That’s the point where we need the bump screen to print out the ticket for the box. But a few other screens would be nice too. A screen for the dough slappers so the can see the upcoming sizes needed. A screen for the wing and salad person and a screen for the carry out cashier would all be nice.


Delayed reaction…sorry I missed your reply, David. That makes sense to me. I’ll run your setup by a few people here and see what they recommend.


Just an update…

So we have tested it out on slow days, but still have yet to give it a go on a Friday or Saturday. I don’t like the idea of not having a printed ticket to keep with an order when it is being passed between multiple people so I’m hesitant. Other than that, it works great though. I have it set up to where you make an order and then bump it and it prints at the cut table. Keeps tickets from piling up there.

At the moment my POS system only allows you to print at 1 location when an order is bumped. I put in a request for a software update to give me the ability to print at 2. My plan is to have the kitchen display at the front of the make line with the printer right next to it. When you are on the next order you bump the ticket and it will print at the make line and the cut table. Should give me the best of both worlds.

I’m hoping to go out there and take a look at it. What days do you generally work ?

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Sure come by anytime. I’m typically there Mon-Thurs 10am-3pm and Friday 9am-rush.


I have recently installed SambaPOS4 at one of our outlets in Kuwait. I would luv to say it is a wow effect software. I am currently looking for a solution for the following:

I Installed the SambaPOS4 on POS Terminal and made it as a server, it serves 3 Remote Terminal Sessions, i.e.

1- POS Touch System
2- iPAD I
3. iPAD II
4. Kitchen Display (HP Touch SLATE)

The Cashier would always be sitting at the POS Touch System, this terminal can take orders and close the orders. Whereas iPAD I and II can only make the orders standing outside the Restaurant. I want as soon as the Cashier/iPAD I/iPAD II posts order it should show in the kitchen screen. (That screen should only be showing the status of the order) As soon as the order is finished one of the kitchen staff touch the button and that order clears from the screen.

I have tried to use different methods like reservations from the forum example but since I am very new I need sometimes to drill down whereas the restaurant I have to finish it really quickly.

Your help would really be appreciated. Waiting for your reply.

Thanks and Regards,

Not sure what exactly your problem is, but if it has to do with software you might want to create a new post reaching out to anybody that might be using it.

what kind of kitchen display systems are y’all using?

We’ve seen an increased interest in our Kitchen Monitor and Expeditor Monitor features since we’ve added many new features. In short, each preparation station monitor can be set to show all items or restrict the display to only items for a given preparation station. Once all the items on an order are bumped, the entire order will show up on the Expeditor monitor, indicating it’s ready to present to the customer. We also added a feature that allows users to bump individual items. Many of our users are using kitchen monitors in favor of printers. Keep in mind for really large orders, the user can also print an order from the kitchen monitor or expo monitor.