Kitchen Items Needed -- Cannot Find Them


I am looking for the following items…not sure if they are made, but maybe there are other solutions.

Fullsheet Baking Pan Grate: Want to use it to catch the cheese that does not go on the pizza
Halfsheet Baking Pan Grate: Same concept for when we do breadsticks so the extra butter drips off and not in the box

Chicken Wing Delivery Boxes: We use styro and I HATE IT…been doing it for 30 years and want another option. What do you guys use for WHOLE Jumbo Wings with Sauce on them.

If you know of a source…or have other solutions…let me know…


Can’t help you with the grates but we use small and large ‘cake’/sandwich/appetizers boxes for the wings. Just place a foil sheet right in the middle and put the wings inside, close the box and done. They’re a little bit more expensive than styro, but I REFUSE to use anything sytro.

Hope that helps.

Thanks Steve…phew, thought I was going to get that google link from you :lol:

Lol, nah… I can tolerate legitimate questions haha.

our method is a bit pricey, but we like it…sauced wings go into a 6x9 aluminum tin (like those used by some Chinese places) then into a 10" pizza box w/celery & pc sauce…easy to deliver/stack etc

Does anyone use the buckets like KFC uses, or does anybody know where you can get those and a price?

for the grates, are you talking about cooling racks? … ling+racks

Sweetheart (IIRC) makes a coated bucket. they ain’ty cheap. You may find them online,. I havea acatalog here in a drawer somewhere that has them . . . they are like $2 apiece, so we don’t buy them. Minimums were too high! Like 200 of them. Off course . . . lids sold separately.

Hi Mandy:

You can get the grates you are looking for from PA Products in Michigan.
Phone 734-421-1060
They can UPS them to you.

George Mills

I have used these guys with great success … rom=Search

also I am with patriots pizza, we put ours in an aluminum tin then we put that in a 10 inch box, we then cut little x in the top and put the ranch, cost is higher than styrofoam but presentation is off the chart in comparison


Found the cheese solution…at a bakery supply…they are called Icing Grates for Full Sized Pans

Found a solution for the chicken…B-Flute Boxes that are already labeled Best Wings In Town! I will throw a piece of foil on the bottom and Voila! Still waiting on the price though.

Thanks to all.

Do you have a picture of the finished packaging? I’m a bit intrigued regarding the X in the top for the ranch.

All of our to-go containers are compostable material. The wings and other hot apps go in compostable containers made of sugar cane fiber with a foil liner. Salads go in clear “plastic” containers made of compostable corn starch. “Plastic” flatware is also compostable cornstarch. In our recently closed slice location we used compostable cornstarch soft drink cups, lids and straws.

Pizza boxes are cardboard.

We recycle ALL incoming materials. Cardboard is flat and combined with other tenants in the center in a cardboard recycling program. All cans and jugs are rinsed and recycled in a multi-channel recyling program.

Does it cost a little more? Yes.
Is it the right thing to do? Yes.
We have received letters from customers thanking us for doing it and the employees are proud of it.

Likewise at our location. We also work with local cattle and pig farmers who will pick up our food scraps and use them either as supplemental feed for their animals, or will compost the scraps.

Just gotta be careful with the cornstarch based cups and lids… If you leave them out in the sun at all, they start to shrivel up on you! :wink: