Kitchen line help

We are doing a renovation and need help with our kitchen layout and design to maximize production and speed. Can anyone recommend a good team to work with? Wait times for pick up orders on fridays are nearly an hour now and deliveries from
60-90 minutes. I want to get those numbers down to 35 minutes for pick up and no more than 45-50 minutes on deliveries. Any help appreciated

Hey Jamie, Im no expert but I did just go through this! I found flow is the biggest thing. When thinking about setting up your kitchen keep in mind the classic saying “Slide the pie not the guy”

I bought an existing shop and rebranded it. When I bought it the kitchen was set up in a way that constantly we were having to cross over each other with pizzas just to get them in the oven, among other similar issues… even the oven was being loaded on the wrong side.

So we flip floped things to eliminate the cross over. That right away took us from 1-2 hours wait times to 45 minute wait times.

Once you get that basic flow going theres so many little ways to speed things up from there.

One example for me on that was our ranch cups where in the back fridge, we put a small fridge up front with them and then in turn that can save anywhere from 15-30 seconds an order.

Let me know if you have anymore questions Id be happy to answer them!

We are also considering a major remodel. Anyone out there willing to share their layout designs and maybe some pictures? We are about 1800 sqft, primarily DELCO with a few tables.

what kind / model of small fridge are you using ? I have bought a couple on amazon (glass door drink coolers) and they don’t cool very good and have had several maintenance issues in less than 1 year of using.