Kitchen Monitor or Receipt printer?

What do you use to make orders from?

We have point of success and have always used the kitchen monitor so that we can
print box labels as we make food and keep them printed in order.

what advantages are there to using a receipt printer?

Thanks, Paul

We use a monitor in order to bump individual items as opposed to keeping the printer receipt posted until the whole order is made. With the cost of paper/ribbons I have to imagine using a monitor is far cheaper in the long run.

Not sure I see the either/or question here. We have both. Kitchen monitor for the cooks, receipt printer for the driver’s run slips and receipts. Label printer for the boxes.

Order taker enters order, prints lables and put them on the boxes

Cooks make the order and click the order off the monitor when each item is complete

Drivers check out the run and print the various receipts needed. (order and CC)

We do the same Bodega, the question was for making the pizzas.
We use point of success though so unlike Paul we can’t bump individual items - only the entire order.


Just clicked reciept and we manage with that fine, but if we were busier then I certainly would go monitor, those reciepts are bound to mess things up eventually.

When an order is taken our system sends numbered, self adhesive labels to one of 3 different kitchen printers. We prepare the food item (pizza, appetizer, wings, whatever) and then stick the label on the appropriate box. The address is also printed on the label, as well as 1of 3, 2 of 3, etc so we know how many items are in the order. The system works very well for us.

which POS, guys? And, if you can bump one item, does that mean you have other monitors for other item types? Or, just bump 1 of 3 pizzas, for example?

I use Prism by Microworks. I have everything that goes into the oven sent to one monitor and can scroll the individual items and bump them as each item is loaded.

I use Revention and you can set the makeline display to bump full orders or single items. You can have multiple stations and use a combination of displays and tickets. I did that at my sub shop for front end/back end as we baked the subs then finished them.