Kitchen test

Does anyone use a kitchen test before allowing their cooks on the line? I remember doing it at a couple chains I have worked for in the past. I want to use one to see if my cooks are at least trying to learn something after being hired prior to getting on the line for training…

Anyone have one they could share that would be great too.

All I do is have them stretch out a dough, top it, and get it into the oven, if they can handle that, they’re hired.
I do this as part of the interview now because I’ve had a guy BS his way through the interview saying he had worked at a few well known places, but it was all lies. he never touched dough in his life.

We do a working interview where they come in and work for 2 hours (paid of course) and we let them know if they have the job, saved me a few headaches so far.