Kitchen wall cleaner

Hi Everyone,
Hope everyone enjoyed their holidays. When I bought my joint we renovated the entire building. I put in a white wall material that Longhorn uses. ( I know this because I worked there ) Anyway, it is getting this weird yellow tint to it, and it’s hard to clean in general. I tried a few different products, I use Ecolab but nothing seems to work well. I don’t have time to spy on or even go to Longhorn to find out what they are using. One of my cooks used coffee pot cleaner on a spot above the sink area and it worked really well, but it’s kinda expensive and needs to be rinsed well to get residue and smell off. Is there an inexpensive fast cleaning uber easy to use cleanser I’m not thinking about or what? :lol: I know that’s a tall order, but I know if I just throw it out there one of my genius friends will reply with a miracle cleanser!

                                                                                Have a great profitable day all,  Willi

hey Banana

if you have a Dollar General aound you they sell Greased Lighting or Thunder Blast this stuff works great on cleaning any and all surfaces spray let it soak and wipe off

I use comet cleaner with bleach, rinsed with super hot water.

We use a small power washer - makes it quick, but a bit messy…we also use a wet vac w/a pump to keep the H2O moving when we terrorize our kitchen…

Also available at the Dollar Tree is a product called Awesome. It’s a spray and it works great, even on tough burnt stains on pizza pans. The best thing is it only costs $1.00

any decent degreaser will work. Spray on liberally, mixed as close to full strength as possible. USE PROPER PROTECTION…OVERSPRAY WILL IRRITATE YOUR SKIN. Then hose or wipe off.
I’ll take a particular area of the kitchen and move everything out, spray the walls and ceiling, and hose it all off with a garden hose. no power washer necessary.

A tech guy turned me onto the fact that isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol takes that grunge that builds up on phones and keyboards off like magic - it really is amazing how well it works. I’ve never used it on that wall plastic, but it may be worth a try if all else fails.

Have you tried any of the mentioned cleaners with a bristle brush or magic eraser? I found the bristle brush works best.

Thanks you all!

Hi if you are try to clean FRP we use grease lighting with a scrub brush then wipe it down with water

“Jolt” is the ultimate degreaser/cleaner, just keep it away from glass. Yeah, like windows.

We use a Clean Force citrus degreaser, K9. We spray it on the FRP and the film just melts and runs down the walls. It is soot and grease buildup from the ovens. Actually, water gets a good start for us, but needs degreaser for that deep cleaning.

Look for any good degreaser diluted a little stronger than directed. It should do you great. The bristle brush os a wonder for those stubborn areas. Plastic bristled dish or general scrubber will do the trick like someone else suggested.