Kitchen Wall options

We’ve used FRP in our 2 shops in the kitchen. FRP just gets nasty after so long and SS panels are cost prohibitive. Any other options?

Use magic erasers to clean the frp.

This is probably something you guys already are doing if you have the FRP.

Attach a bristle attachment to a drill and spray the wall with cleaner and have fun. Its so much faster and easier

Are you using smooth FRP or textured?

Textured. smooth seems to be almost the same cost as stainless

Scrubbing Bubbles is an amazing degreaser. I really like the bristle attachment on the drill idea.

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I used this type of textured FRP after having tiles in my old store and this is SO much better. We have 12’ ceilings in the kitchen and ordered them in 12’ sheets to minimize the cuts. We installed stainless behind all the cooking equipment and hung sheetrock behind FRP vertically (4’ high) and used plywood throughout for the 2nd row (4’-8’) so we did not have to worry about hanging anything which is a savior

this also works really well when my wife asks me scrub the shower stall :wink:

I think that is a very good idea. Where did you find the attachment?



Thank you very much.

Wes Kronberg