kitchen walls

what are the panels of material that are glued to kitchen walls that make it easy to clean ?
it’s a plastic material that most health departs approve, either textured or smooth

does anyone know the generic, or brand name of these panels ?

I have heard them called FRP panels as well as Marlite. You can buy them at hame depot.

they are FRP panels or fiberglass reinforced panels. You can get them at any large home improvemnet store.

Out here in Alberta I used puck board. Its what we also use to put over the boards in our arenas. I dont know if it is the same as what the other folks are talking about but I do know it passes inspection here. its cheap almost indestuctable, easy to cut up for fit and also easy to clean.

Im not based in the US but over here its called White rock, made by the altro Company, this is the branded version but basically its just pvc sheets so you can buy the generic versions much cheaper,