After searching this forum and seeing nothing has been posted since 2008 I thought I would.

After issues which I thought was my dough recipe and trying for weeks to figure out what was going on and narrowing it down to my tap water. My new cook suggested Krisp It. WOW !!! if anyone is having issues with soggy, soft final crust product you MUST try this product. IM A BELIEVER & will continue to us this

So, can you be more descriptive about the texture changes and if it is noticeable when eating the pizza?
We’ve got a few customers who order double all fresh veggies, and then comment that things got soggy, I am curious to try this stuff, but apprehensious at the same time.

This stuff is awesome. no flavor at all… you can log onto their web and get a free 3# bag free, but when I got my bag yesterday I went thru 3/4 of the bag & called the company for more will arrive on monday he is also sending me a free shaker for it.

the texture looks like croutons but crushed into little grains, I put mine in my cheese shaker this morning to get more control on it. ou will have to experiment with amount you put on, I go around my pizzas 2-3 times, you have to put it under items ontop of the cheese. YOU MUST TRY IT :slight_smile:

We use Panko bread crumbs on any pizza with 3 or more veges. The bread crumbs go an after chese and do not alter taste at all. I bet they’ re alot cheaper than krisp it

I will check out the panko thanks for that my cost of first order for the other was roughly 7.50 per 3# bag. I put in for 6 bags to use for the next week or so

I’ve got a sample coming, thanks for posting this topic.
We use a whole-milk mozz but we do not have an oiling problem with it (Grande)
Just need a solution to heavy veg pies that travel

I just ran out of the free bag last nite didn’t last long as busy as we were. I stopped and bought Panko and just tried it. ITS EXACTLY THE SAME but cost is about 5cents more than Krisp it

Panko from a grocery store, or from your food purveyor? I see Panko prices ranging from $23-$37 for a 25 pound bag via Sysco. Choices are Toasted, Fine, or Coarse.

There is a product named 'Rusk" that may do a similar job as Panko or Krisp-It. It is more well known in the UK, the classic style of UK Sausages have Rusk in them to give them a mushy texture , allegedly Rusk was used as an extender for sausages (get your mind out of the gutter) during war times, and the use of it just stuck to modern days due to the texture being liked in that area of the world.
I believe it is just breadcrumbs from an unleavened bread product. So, for the UK members, maybe try using Rusk to see if it works for you.
I am patiently waiting for my sample, yet I am still apprehensive about using it

How did your sample work out for you??

I should see it this week, I got a call from Krisp-It by a guy named Nick on Monday verifying my address because we have a goofy zip code that covers 2 different cities, and the UPS shipping system wasn’t accepting it.

I look forward to it, I hope it does what they claim with no noticeable texture changes, we use all fresh veggies and bake in a deck oven, so things can get wet for take out and delivery.

I guarantee you won’t notice any texture change when you get the bag you just want to sprinkle around it states to use on center 2/3 of pizza but I use all around. When you reorder Nick will send you a free shaker. My reorder of 4 -25#lb bags will only cost .02 cents per ounce which is less than panko. Remember to put on top of cheese underneath items

OUTSTANDING! I am trying to boost our pizza (and other food) delivery sales, and hopefully transition our menu into mainly pizza from what we currently do. If this solves my soggy crust issue with heavy veggie pizzas that go out the door, I will be beyond ecstatic.
I’ve even tried building an upside-down pizza (cheese on crust, sauce on top) when we have heavy veggies, but people here really prefer the sauce under the cheese, I go both ways and enjoy both.

Alright, I’m impressed.
I had texture & flavor concerns, but there is no marked difference. I blind tested 2 different Pep & onion pies, I immediately saw a difference when we opened the boxes after 30 minutes, I expected a funky flavor or a crumbly texture on top, but it was not there.

Had a pie go out with pulled pork, fresh sliced tomato, fresh mushrooms, onions & Banana peppers. Typically we see pooling liquids on top that drain down when we cut.
We did NOT have that issue on that pie

I’m sold.

Got Rocks… awesome. Told ya so. Cheaper to get by 25# bags my cost is about .02 cents. Good luck

it looks, tastes & smells identical to a medium panko breading. I may even bread up some shrimp and fry them with it to see how it reacts when used as a breading.

Its the same exact if you buy a box of panko texture and ingredients are exact.

Maybe they are simply buying Panko in bulk and just repackaging it. I have zero problems with that business model, I actually think it is genius.
Repurposing a product is always good

Tried Panko large grind crumbs for the first time on Friday and saw a HUGE improvement in the quality of my wettest pizzas. I like to add a lot of mushrooms to our pies and there was no pooling of water and no flavor or mouth feel what so ever. My staff told me that we have solved the problem of guests complaining about soggy pizzas. I let the pizza sit on top of our conveyor oven for over an hour and still no moisture soaked into the crust. Still crispy and tender. I AM SOLD!!!

Even with me knowing which pie had the product on it, I found no discernable flavor or texture changes. I saw an immediate difference in how the pizza looked too.

In my area, we do not see many heavy veggie pies, what we do see is tons of meats, and this helped to reduce the grease stain typically present in the box

We put the majority of our meat UNDER the cheese. (Way it’s done up here by all). Anybody tried this under the cheese?