Kudos Revention!

I just wanted to take a moment to give credit where credit is due. I recently upgraded my Point of Sale over to Revention, and have been more than happy with the results. The order taking process is much smoother, I have much more functionality over menus and coupons, as well as the ease of pulling up virtually any report or customer marketing feature within seconds. But something happend today that really blew me away.

I recently posted a comment about store branding, to which Piedad made mention of some issues he saw with the ordering interface (inability to view menu without registering being one of the main ones).

Just a couple of hours ago I received a phone call from Ross over at Revention, the gentleman who set me up with my account, to let me know they had seen the post concerning the issues, and that he had already spoken with the CEO to get started on changing it to accomodate the inconveniences. Talk about customer service!

So to Ross and the rest of the Revention team, keep up the fantastic work, and for anyone who may be looking to upgrade their point of sale, I very highly recommend Revention!

Don’t get too excited. I (and more than a few others) have talked with Revention about that exact same issue since HR3 started rolling out at the beginning of this year, almost 9 months ago.

I’m shopping POS systems right now… You mean to tell me the customer can’t even look at your menu without registering, which says nothing of allowing them to order as a guest.

I use Prism from Microworks and it’s set up the same. Once you’re on their online ordering page you need to register before seeing a menu there. On my website I have a menu tab so people can see our complete menu, a specials tab to show our daily specials and an order online tab that brings you to the POS companies secure online ordering site. Seems like a simple way around this.

No doubt there are workarounds… But when you’re spending 15k on a POS, there shouldn’t have to be. Why can’t they just make it where you have to register before checking out? Or allow the option to checkout as a guest? Obviously you prefer them to register, but why turn away business?

It just seems like an easy fix to do it ‘right’.


They are able to log in as a guest to view the menu and order, it is just simply that they have to choose to register or log in as a guest to order. But I highly highly recommend Revention, they have been phenomenal thus far.

To view my page is question: www.unclenickspizza.com

The one thing I don’t like about Revention, and I really don’t like it and can’t believe I’m getting good info concerning it from my sales rep is… He says that any emails I send via the marketing feature are text only, no html formatting, no pictures, no formatting at all. To me that seems really lame. I can’t remember an email I’ve received from a company that was simply text.

I’m probably leaning towards firefly, but I’ve read the reviews here tonight and am concerned about the tech support issues.

Revention trolls this bb so if anyone wants my full REAL opinion on everything inside the POS I am willing to discuss pros and cons in depth.

As for Firefly - if you were a competitor of mine in my town I would give you the full thumbs up. Talk about worthless POS systems!

So Firefly is a good option?!!! I’ll shoot you an email over the next few days to get the good and bad of Revention. It’s time for me to spend a lot to upgrade my hardware if I’m keeping Prism so I figure it’s time for me to make sure I’m using the best system for me.

Revention actually called me after reading this post. I’ll talk with them today. I’m glad they did, as it seemed like a silly issue and could think of no marketing email I have ever received that wasn’t formatted at all. It was illogical and would’ve probably been a total deal breaker. I don’t want my marketing emails going out looking like I’m soliciting free money from proceeds I received from a pipeline in Somalia, unfortunately I need your bank account info to get my funds to me.

Firefly has some systems I really like, really really like, but the hardware and support issues concern me to no end. I reached out to my guy yesterday and expect to hear from him today.

POS DIscussions always seem to get off topic quickly. Nature of the Beast I guess. I still maintain that I would avoid Granbury Restaurant Systems like the plague. I liked the Firefly System itself, but…
They left me and dozens of other businesses to deal with a breach and tech support issues. Wouldn’t give us updates even though we maintained a contract with them (Which was one of the reasons for the Breach). Said we should’ve upgraded and we wouldn’t have had the issue. Had I known there was a critical update, I would have done it. I feel like there is a responsibility from the provider to keep your clients updated, especially in relation to PCI Requirements. When trying to resolve our issues, the response from Tom was “we can’t really do anything for you.” And to this day, not once has anybody called to see if there was anything they could do. Should I have been more educated on the issues, maybe. But, It is in the past and I have put it and the financial repercussions behind me.
We have Revention now, mainly because of franchise obligations. They have been decent, we had some issues with tech support for a little bit (Some untrained staff and long wait times), but they seem to have hired some new staff and have been as responsive as I would expect a POS Company to be. Even got a call the other day from a supervisor to make sure an issue we had was taken care of. So, at this point no complaints.
Ultimately, there are some great options out there, but don’t be pushed based on a sales pitch. All of the POS sales people I have ever dealt with (Revention and Granbury Included) will tell you anything to close the deal. Take some time and talk to actual customers and try and find somebody that will let you look at their system and take it for a spin. I know if somebody on here asked me, I would gladly do so.
My apologies for the long winded, off-topicness. I now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

I feel like buying a POS is like buying a home… There are a lot of things you must have, but there will always be something you didn’t know you didn’t like until you use it/live there for a few months.

I was correct in thinking that the issue was silly, they can indeed format emails and templates from the POS itself.

Was in Vegas for a few days, back to the grindstone now. Lots of catching up to do.

Signed up for Revention today… I’ll give a review once I start using it.