La Nova Fryer Ready Wings


I am currently using a La Nova fryer ready wing and my supplier, Greco and Sons, says the product will not be available in about a month. I switched from a breaded un sauced wing about 9 months ago to the La Nova wings and have begun to sell more wings than ever before. Does anyone know what other type of product out there that would compare to what I am using. I don’t want to switch, I am very frustrated this happened but I guess it is out of my hands. I currently give 10 wings to an order and I deep fry them for about 4.5 minutes and they turn out great.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


La Nova wings are just Tyson Wings with their own sauces.

Also ask…is it Greco that will not carry them anymore or is it La Nova that stopped offering them. Might just need a new dist. Call La Nova first!

Talked to La Nova, they stopped making the product. They said they were have problems with consistency and sizing. Greco is looking for a replacement for us and we are doing the same. Thanks for the input everyone.