La Nova Wings

Does anyone use La Nova wings? I know it is a good product but how do you make a profit on it? I know that in 15 lbs you get 170 wings for $169. If you do counts of 10 you get 17 orders even at $10 an order you only make a dollar profit. How do you manage?

Beer sales. We don’t sell alcohol or their wings. We have tried them a couple of times over the years and never really found them worth the price.

We use a Tyson Jumbo Wing. We had cooked to a kettle cooked for a few months but came back to these.

Get a sample before you start trying to figure out how to make the price work. :lol:

Who are you gettiing that price from? We pay in the $35.00 range for a 10 pound case of hot, bbq or italian. I bought a case of oven roast last week to experiment with, 15 pounds for $53.00. Pretty pricey, but not near what you were quoted.

We run a little above 50% food cost on these, but labor is negligable, you just put em on a pan and 2 passes in the oven. Sometimes they have inconsistancy in size, but that is the only real gripe I have with them. I do believe that a freshly fried wing has better taste, texture etc. and lower food cost, but I would need to add significant equipment, increased labor, deal with raw chicken and all the fun associated with that.

We now use only jumbo wings but we tried out La Nova several years ago. I think its a good product and would most likely go with it if it weren’t for the size. They actually are not a bad size compared to other wings out there but just not big enough for us. Nice flavors.

Same here on the size variences. And here in Ohio I am paying right at $45 per 10 lb case both of my suppliers have the same pricing on them here. The customers like the flavoring of them over the others I tried. I would totaly agree with Rick the hassle of the raw chicken and all extra equipment cost just not in my plans but they do taste better that way!
We sell them by the pound and in my area $6.00 a pound is pushing the threshold but thats we get out of them and thats not bad considering the ease of the item(put in foil round run through oven 2 times and then put lid on).

We normally get tyson, but last week I had to get a case of Lanova. $57.41 for 15lb

I’ve been using the wings from Sam’s Club for quite awhile now. They’re about 2.90/lb and people seem to like them. Just checked for prices on my vendors website and they don’t even carry La Nova, but the Tyson wings are around $4.00/lb.

Uhhhgggg. You’re paying a $1 per wing???

I buy 180 wings for $50 and sell them for $150.

The price I mentioned was the price list on the Lanova website…

La Nova is a waste in my opinion. They are entirely too expensive and I would be embarrassed at serving 75% of what comes out of the bags do to the size.

Talk with your supplier…they have other options besides La Nova and Tyson…

i use Jumbo wings, product looks like tysons but boxed by local butcher ill see if i can get a name of the supllier, 2.63 a lb and i get 4 drummets per lb, ppl love em, dry, buffalo sauce, hot buffalo sauce, sweet chili sauce, and wasabi orange-ginger. im going through 40 lbs of wings and 40 lbs of drummets a week and we have been operational a month.


Another point to remember is that ‘pre-cooked’ wings are not as sensitive to seasonal ‘shortages.’ I remember earlier this year, 4 other restaurants called us asking to ‘borrow’ wings (didn’t happen). While you may prefer your butcher’s special, its never a bad idea to have alternatives.