La Nova Wings

Spoke to my distributor today and seems like Pierce is my only real option with them.
I only have an oven - no fryers.
He is bringing a few options by this week.
We tried the breaded Pierce wings ( we don’t want breaded) that I ordered by accident and they are good but they must be designed for the fryer as I have to put them through the oven 3-4 times!
Pierce also has wings that are “ovenable”, like La Nova, called “Roastery” (I believe) but they are quite pricey- almost La Nova pricey.

We use the LaNova wings, we also do 5.99 for 8 but we’re going up to 6.49 for 8… they’re not really a money maker and if people balk at the price, oh well, it’s not like I was making money on them before. 42.82 for a box of LaNova… I think they are great out of the oven, tried some fast finish wings from Tyson but they never brown unless you run them through the conveyor 10 times and turn them each time.

Did the LaNova boneless wings but for a 9lb pound box it’s like almost 40 bucks which is stupid. RD has good precooked boneless wings at about 2.80 lb that I make good money on… but usually I’m using the Wing Dings (4.00 lb), have to open the bag and pick out all the good ones… usually left with a half pound to 1 pound of waste. Consistency is better than most brands I’ve tried. I hate selling something I buy by the pound by the each. I’ve thought about getting one of those Autofry hoodless fryers to do wings and such in… only so many options to choose from when you’re using a conveyor.

Yeah… conveyors are limiting though I’m surprised there aren’t more “ovenable” options.
I was at a little convenience store and they had one of those “all in one fry units” which I thought was kind of interesting but… that just won’t work unless they have a fast, high-output one.
Trying another product today (hopefully… if they were able to add it to the order). They are fully cooked steamed wings that I’d have to pass through my oven 2-3 times as a prep activity and then a final pass when ordered.
They are awesome wings and the price is good but the PITA factor sure is there!