Label Printer

Hi y’all!

At our last health inspection we were asked to provide labels adhered to all of our grab and go items in our cold case (6 salads, 5 desserts, 2 dips) with place of origin, descending list of ingredients and allergen information

I’ve been looking into label printers, but am overwhelmed by options. We use iPad for our POS and I’m hoping for something that we can set up to print from it.

Does anyone have experience with this? I’m hoping to avoid having labels professionally printed due to lack of storage space and changing nature of offerings.

Not looking for anything too fancy, just something to meet the requirements and not put too much of a wrench in our production process.

All of our computers are macs, and we don’t have an office or space to have a laptop out to print from, so looking for something that can run from the iPad or another tablet.

Thanks in advance!

I print labels off of my home printer and bring them into the shop. You can get a good deal on bulk sheets of labels from Uline. The ink gets expensive tho. I know this isn’t what you are asking, it’s just how i do it :slight_smile:

Buying a laserjet is a way to reduce ink costs if you’re just doing black & white printing. Laserjet printers might be twice as expensive on the initial purchase, but the toner cartridges make up the difference in no time. An XL inkjet cartridge will print about 500 pages for like $40 while a high-yield toner cartridge will print 2,500 and off-brand ones can be bought for $10/each.

If you’re looking for a thermal label printer, ULINE sells thermal printers[/URL] that are Mac compatible and labels for them. Disclaimer: I haven’t used that model before, I have a Windows Cognitive Advantage label printer and buy my labels in bulk from [URL=‘’]

I have a Brother QL-700 and use labels from House Labels (ebay)…A b&w laser will be less costly if you can use a whole sheet of labels…I just buy blanks on Amazon…

That’s the kinda device I’m looking at. Do you use the app to run it? I downloaded it this evening and it seems pretty straightforward. Any thoughts on it vs a Dymo?

I have never used a Dymo so no comment there…

I have Adobe Illustrator so if I want a label with artwork I do it in illustrator and copy it over…For text I just use P-Touch Editor…