Label Printing?

Hi everyone! Considering adding label printers to our operations. In feedback I am getting from customers things that we seem to consistently miss are sending out the side cups with orders. I was thinking if I get label printers and have them print side cups on them for an order and then we put those in a paper bag and sticker it closed and send with the order. Our pos is Revention / Hunger Rush. Does anyone use label printers? Would I be better off just using a regular kitchen printer and stapling a ticket to the bag? I have a couple / few other printers lying around that are used and might work. Thanks everyone!

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Do you let your drivers bag up their orders? Or does an expo person bag the orders?

Whoever happens to be working the oven at the time puts the order together. The mistakes happen with both pickups and deliveries. So cannot nail it down to the drivers necessarily.

I had my reciepts set up so all side sauces and sodas are always printed as the last items on the receipt. So you can look at the receipt and know exactly what is needed instead of having to scroll through the whole ticket.

Ive always hammered down the importance of making sure side sauces are in the bag for customers.

Side sauces are so important and often forgotten. Seriously I know plenty of people whose whole meal is ruined if they dont get their dipping sauce.

Also having really great unique homemade dipping sauces are such an easy effective way to get an even bigger fan base.
Just look at tik tok there are tons of videos of people comparing different Ranch dips from restaurants or trying to copycat the chic fil a sauce.

our receipts all have a summary on the bottom that we always check before we give out a pick up order or driver leaves the store. This summary is also on the bottom of each individual kitchen label for each items so when the person wrapping up the order knows to add the side. This summary feature (ex. 1 Pizza, 2 Salads, 3 Sodas, & 2 Sides) have helped. We do not allow drivers to wrap orders.

We have been using labels for about 18 months and love them. It’s to easy to overlook on a summary ticket. During a slow
Time it’s easy, but when you are busy it gets hectic. The label is like a physical reminder to grab the item for the customer. When we are labeling our items the team gets the sauces right out and puts the labels on the top of the container. We are now more likely to forget the dipping sauce that goes with the wings than we are the side of marinara sauce. I’d move forward with labels if I were you.

We use labels, but not for cups. We print cups in red on the tickets. The rest of the ticket is black.