Labor Compliance "Men in Black" Police

Hey Guys I know you probably get the junk mail or even phone calls to make sure you buy these things but the other day 2 guys that looked like they were straight outta “Men in Black” movie came in to “make sure I had me Labor Compliance Posters on Display so that I am not breaking any laws”. When I informed them that I did in the back, the one guy asked me if he could see them. I asked what government agency he represented and he showed me his badge proudly on display aroud his neck which was from LaborPostersFast (something like that)…lets just say there were a few choice words used for these guys before I showed them the door…they proceeded down the street stopping at every storefront and I figure they nailed a few suckers,but I just could not believe the ball$ they ad to see my posters…afterwards it was a good laugh wen we saw a pug walk our shop

I gave in ONE time and purchased a set of posters from PCI (Poster Compliance Inc. or some such company) and since that day I am bombarded with phone calls, mailings and emails all very “governmental” looking designed to scare one into purchasing their products. MAN, give me a good old fashioned door to door guy, him I can handle!

If you use ADP for your payroll processing…ask them for the posters…they are FREE!

You can also print them for free online.

All I can say is wow…makes me wonder if I wasn’t there what my staff would do.

Thanks for the heads up I may have fallen for it…not the stuff in the mail but the MIB.


how much does ADP charge?

We use ADP for payroll. Total annual payroll was about 220K last year not including owner. Number of employess varies through the year between 10 and 24. Total annual cost is about $1100. For that they do all calculations, imppound and pay withholdings, issue checks, file quarlterly and annual taxes, issue W-2s, provide all the reports I need and fedex and wire everything it needs to go.

A no brainer. My accountant would charge three times that much.