Labor day off??

How many are open today ?? we closed --looked at last year and only did $100.00 doesnt pay electric ???

Everyone else is closed, so if I get 1 or 2 new customers from the comp. X $400.00 a year in sales from each customer thats $800.00 of new buisness that I didn’t have before, so yes I’m OPEN. Been only open 1 year so I need all the buisness I can get. Paying my dues… :lol: :smiley:

Usually for the “Monday” holidays (Labor Day, Memorial Day,etc) we close for lunch, open at 4. Tried being open all day, but lunches weren’t worth it.


We business visit all the local car dealerships,beer distributors, furniture stores, department stores that will be open on Labor Day and try to get them to buy for their employees that have to work. Seems to be working, we got a couple big orders and we’re at $297 already. That’s as good as or better than a ‘regular’ Monday.

Happy Labor Day !

We are open, along with just about every other business in town. You wouldn’t know it was a holiday here. I will do 15-20% more than a normal Monday.

Open normal hours. Lunch was up about 100%. People treat it like a Sunday.

Oh no no no…must be open!

We have a ton of customers who go on vacation over the weekend and we get slammed Monday because they are all coming back with cranky kids and don’t want to cook.

It always makes up for my slower weekend.

Last year we closed (it was our first year).

This year I decided to stay open normal Monday hours, 4-9pm.
I wish I would have done this last year. Schools starts on Tuesday, Everyone goes back to work on Tuesday and people are getting home from their long weekend. We had a great night, up 125% from last Monday, It was busier then Friday.

Labor was low, we staffed for a normal Monday and had to call in some help for a couple of hours, labor was only 8.5%. I’ll stay open Labor Day from now on!

Open. Better than an average Monday. As said above, like a Sunday.

We were open yesterday-best Monday we’ve had since opening. THis was officially our 52nd week in business so that’s pretty good.

The only days of the year we close are Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.

It’s really worth it for us - all our holidays have been above-average for the day of the week. (Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Easter, and 4th of July)

Our sales all came from 4-7:30 and did $847.00 twice what a normal Monday would of been. Like topdogzpizza said it is my 1 year in buisness this week and thing are going very well. Thanks to all. :smiley:

We were open, and we always have been. It was a record Monday for us. Labor Day and Memorial Day are, by far, our biggest Mondays of the year.

I actually closed and it was my first day off since I opened(July 13th)Spent the day with the wife and went on a mini 8hr vacation.Caller ID Showed 30 calls in the last 5hrs we would’ve been open.One customer actually left a message saying “good job you deserve a day off and enjoy it” :smiley: made me feel a little better.Hope it didn’t hurt my future business but the day off was nice.