lame promotion ?

Papa John’s Super Bowl promotion:


I think they got burned on a previous similar promotion.


Yeah, I am not sure that will bring in more business. But maybe they are just trying to get more mobile users signed up for text messages.

Definitely - trying to catch up with YUM, who is gathering cell phone numbers BY THE MILLIONS.
You call in an order once, and for the rest of your cell phone contract, you’re gonna get at least a monthly…probably weekly…text AD for pizza from PH…

Better make sure you got an unlimited text plan . . . and hope they don’t sell their phone lists to marketing firms.

I don’t think it’s lame.

First off, only one Super Bowl has gone over 73 points.

PJs stands to gain tons of numbers that will give them direct access to potential customers.

Even if the SB does go over 73 points, the pizza is still $3.99 and the customer has to order it online. Which means tons of email addresses, while getting customers using the online ordering system.

I’d have killed to see the two teams start off the game by giving each other 5 TDs each, then start playing the real game. Nothing like seeing PJ’s lose a good chunk of profit. :slight_smile:

Lame? NO!!

We “hate” them ambiguously in the business world and that promotion has us talking about them. Thousands and thousands are talking about them a week later. Successful promotion.

I should be so fortunate to get that kind of mouth play for one of my promotions.

Keep them thinking about and talking about you.