Landlord Freebies

For those that lease or used to lease.

Did you ever have an issue with your Landlord coming in several times a week for a ‘free’ sandwhich or pizza?

My Landlord does this often and says jokingly ‘put it on my tab haha’ (Which he never pays)today he asked for 2 subs and a salad for him his wife and son.

Another thing is, he often finds these random jack of all trades dudes to do odd jobs like mow the lawn(I have tenents in my bldg also so there is a yard) when theyre finished they come in and say ‘The Landlord said hes buying us lunch’

Im not sure if im justified in being annoyed/asking to be paid/deducting it from the rent.
It doesnt cost me (foodcost wise) that much money but theres something about thats stressing me some.

that is ridiculous…I own my building and we have an ice cream shop next door. We charge them full price when they come in for pizza, etc and for some reason they discount when we come in. I have asked her to please let me pay full price, but she refuses which makes me uncomfortable. I would never ask a tenant for anything free!

i wouldn’t give him shit! i bought my building from my LL and we kinda became friends i give him half off his pizza when he comes in because i enjoy chatting with him and i choose to do this

i would tell your LL to pound sand and pay up

I would let your employees deal with him. Have them take his order and charge him if he asks for free stuff simply have your employees tell him they are not allowed to give anything away for free.

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This is absurd. On the other hand I would be happy to deduct full price from the rent. Just add it up and deduct every month.

Perfect. He did say put it on his tab, right?!?

Save the receipts for his items and include an invoice with the amount deducted from the rent. See if you can get him to sign the receipts as proof.

I have two businesses. In my retail business we are tenants. During our first year the owner of the building asked for a discount shopping in our store. I told him that he, his family and his six best friends could have whatever % discount in my store that he was willing to give me on rent. The subject never came up again.

I agree with everyone who posted thanks!
I hope I can buy this bldg one day and be free! (From him at least)

I would save the bill and put them in with your rent check minus the bills. I give my neighbors free delivery that are like a football field away but that is it.

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