Laptop as pos station?

Has anyone tried using laptops or notebooks for the computers for your pos system? Most have a vga connector usb ports and 10/100 network connection. You could connect the touch screen monitor just like on a desktop. The advantage would be size and the battery would act like a built in ups. You can buy the little notebooks they have now for about the price of a desktop. I am looking at getting Point of success and I just saw an ad today for one these and it got me thinking this way. the only drawback I see is that the laptops I have dealt with all seemed to run hotter which could be bad if you leave it on 24/7.


On a busy night I use the laptop with a wireless router to do the driver dispatch. It keeps the drivers out of the way of the cashiers. I have also used it as a kitchen monitor when the kitchen unit went down.

My Microworks Prism POS has a samsung wireless PDA computer(probably about 7 inches tall and 10 inches wide) that is touch screen. We only take this out for our busiest days.