Large 14" 1 topping price

Hey Everybody,
Can everyone post what you charge for your large 1 topping pizza. Please put your location.
Washington, DC
Large 1 topping 12.60

My “large” 1 top is $12.75 in Grantville, Georgia. That is a 16-inch pie.

One man’s ‘large’ is anothers, ‘special grande’.

16" 1 Topping, Wisconsin $12.95

You wanted 14" didn’t you?
14" 1 Topping $10.25, Going up to $11.25 on next menu.

14" Large 10.99
16" XL 12.79


14 @ 10.70
16 @ 11.95
plus tax of course,p/u,dine in

14" $10.70
20" $19.63

both 1 topping

Quartzsite, AZ

16 inch 1 topping $9.84 in florida

large (14") 1 topping $7.24 Detroit Area Michigan.

But I am certainly NOT the cheapest around!

I am shocked at the pricing, nobody but kyle seems to be competitive.

10 bucks for a 14 inch pizza?

Equilbrium is where supply and demand meet and I sure dont see how demand is going to meet at 10-12 bucks for a large one top, especially when the competition is charging much less.

$10.99 for a Large one topping pizza. But I can give you an additional large one topping for just HALF PRICE! Would you like some ice cold Pepsi products to go with that order today? Maybe an order of our delicious jumbo wings?

Extra Large one topping $13.99 (Large = 14", XL = 16")


I like that reply Jrokk, discount #2 for more volume and side sell for more margin.

I can see why many in the business fail, there are too many competing products in the market both pizza and other to justify 15 bucks for a large pizza, even 12.

I enjoy a good pizza but I wont pay those kind of numbers.

we dont do a 14" pie we do 12 and 16 med one topping 8.95 large 1 topping 12.75 we have only hunt bros pizza to compete with they sell 12 " pie for 9.95 any way you want it we refuse to compete with them and our cust. refuse to eat theres yea we lose some people to the cheap pizza but there the ones that only order a med pizza only no wings or any extras.we pride ourselves on good food good service good prices

We’re at $14.49 for a 14" 1-Top… I guess we’re about the most expensive for the TT, but we’re inline with all of our indie competition here.

Rents here for retail property is right around $32.00/sf now, and usually about $5.00/sf for CAM. Gotta pass that price on somewhere.

15" 12.49
northeast ohio

My comments about pricing were for delivery and takeout.

I would expect higher pricing for dine in/full service (not dine in where the definition of service is McDonalds booths and do it yourself).

Maybe too many here are trying for the high end product and pricing while the market for high end is really quite small?

Still finalizing my pricing for August opening but i think…
12" 1 topping $10.50 17" 1 topping $16.00
(extra topping-$0.50) (extra topping-$1.00)

Just outside Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

14 in one topping

When applying your pricing for Large and XL one topping pizzas you need to calculate the cost of your pizza. Divide that cost by 20%. This should be an approximate regular menu price for a one topping pizza. Example:

Large one topping cost…$2.05
$2.10 / 20% = $10.50

XL one topping cost…$3.00
$2.90 / 20% = $14.50

By doing it this way you leave room for discounting with coupons specials. this is the approach I take to pricing. Hope this helps. -J_r0kk

you might want to reconsider your topping price,you will lose money @ .50
& 1.00