Large Billboard sign...

Hi all, well its that time again…I need to change the wording on the big black sign I have outside. What should it say to catch peoples attention? The guy is calling me soon and I cant think of anything…any suggestions?

Have a tasty slice of mine!

But i dont bake slices and I think people would think I sell slices.

How about “(your name) Pizza - Eat Here or We Both Starve!”

like that! Any others?


We have the best pizza you ever baked

Some pizza lovin’, cooked in your oven !

We make it for you. You bake it for them. They thank you over and over again.

Bake it dark, bake it light. However you like it, it’ll be just right.

“Our pizza doesn’t svck.”

Something about being their partner in quality dinner for their family . . . it’s not coming to me, though.

For a family winner, do a take and bake pizza dinner.

Team up with us, for pizza with no fuss.

Our pizza+Your oven=(Your word here. Love, Joy, Happiness…)

Eat my pizza or I will punch you in the face!


Well on second thought, maybe not :slight_smile:

Fresh, Hot Pizza or whatever is in your fridge… you decide.

All our pizza,s are baked by loving chefs!

“eat here because we’re not child molestors”.

Okay, you never said your competition ARE child molestors :).

“Pizza so fresh you’ll slap it!”

“The Health department says we can open again!”

“Not as good as American pizza, but close.”

“This billboard is expensive, buy something already.”

u guys r sooo funny! i will be using alot of them, ill take a picture every time I do and ill post it for all to see!

BWAHAHAHA thats priceless

I used your suggestion NY Pizza! It’s working like a charm! Last night I had a guy come flying in here and said, I am HERE! Now neither of us will starve tonight, lol!
Ill take a pic in the next couple of days and post it.

Shut their piehole! Buy a pizza!

did you get your package?