large catering orders

im wondering if anyone wants to share details about large catering clients. does anyone have any large accounts they do daily, weekly? how much do they net?

When I was with Papa John’s Pizza, we had an account with the schools that we would do on a daily basis for the the high school, and a weekly basis for the middle school and elementary schools. We would do an extra large 8 cut with a different cheese requirement (because the schools had to meet certain nutritional guide lines) that ended up costing us about $3 a pizza, and we sold them for $5 each.

Each day we would do 25 pies for the high school, and about 50 each week for the elementary and middle schools (which ended up being around 375 pies a week).

So using that number as an example, we would bring in $1,875 - $1,125 in food cost giving us $750 and would cost me around $150 - $200 in labor for the week. So after all was said and done the store would profit around $550 - $600 a week on it. Which considering that it was guaranteed money, and planned at a specific time (no “wondering labor” as I called it) I found it to be well worth it. Although with the schools (because of the scrutiny they are under for nutrition) if they were cut unevenly, or anything like that they couldnt sell it, and would ask for a credit (although it was seldom as we used a cutting guide).

Hope that helps!