Large Order Help

I have a proposed order for 120 pies. It is for the end of a football game, so my time I will need to have could vary. I run two Marsal MB-60, along with a conveyor. We parbake in the marsal, then finish in the conveyor. The conveyor runs in three minutes, and can only run single file. I have the ability to get a hold of a couple of proofers to hot hold. I would be able to cook all of the parbakes in the morning, and just hold. When we are ready top, then begin feeding through the conveyor. I would also be able to use one the decks to reheat, but they normal take about 5 min. to cook through on this.
I guess I have two questions, I have only been open for four months. With this setup am I setting myself up for failure with this large of a order. The second being, besides a proofer, how do you guys hot hold orders of this size. How do the big three do this?

Ask if you can take the orders in intervals.

Even if they don’t want them in intervals to some degree you still can do a couple of runs…unloading 120 pies takes time so you can at least have a 2nd load finishing while they are taking 1st load.

Others may not agree with this but my observation when doing large orders is once they get to the location their ability to hand out the pies takes time, and usually it is more about feeding the mass rather than feeding the mass PIPING HOT pizzas.

The hot boxes are great that you have them…I am not sure how many they hold but you could get a system down of putting them in their and when you have another load rotate them out into a bag.

You do alot of parbaking, Seems like alot of extra steps to me and not really sure I understand your process.

I would talk to the people and explain the pizzas will be much hotter if they are in intervals…ask how they are serving them…if there is a huge long line what difference will it make anyway?

We did a huge order for a prison…the first time we were a bit concerned with getting them there hot…come to find out the prisoners wouldn’t have them for hours because they had to check each order. The next time we did it, it was a breeze because we were able to do them in intervals. (okay not a breeze, but it was alot better)

I’d walk from this one. At best, assuming one pizza out of the oven every minute, this will equal 120-minutes of baking time (2-hours), and that is assuming there are no other orders placed during that time. Like the Chinese fortune cookie proverb might say: too many pizzas do not lead to fortune, only disappointment. With a triple stacked WB ovens you might be able to pull it off, but with your single MM-200 series, I just can’t see it happening. Like Clint Eastwood said in his Dirty Harry movie “Every man has got to know his limitations”.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

I am with Kris on this one, get the facts first and then decide if it will work. I just did 108 pizzas with a double stacked Y600 last Friday for 2 different schools and they want them there 1/2 hour before and are not concerned about how hot they are. We do stack them on top of our oven so they do get there warm but not hot.

You just need to keep an eye on the internal temperature of the pizzas, and your health department regulations, as some health departments won’t let you deliver a pizza once it drops below 140F.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Hi aj453:

As always Tom gives great advise.

Your situation is why we recommend that our clients set up with the highest production ovens they can afford.

If you have the production capacity there are hundreds of opportunities for volume sales. Parities, picnics, business meetings, clubs, service organizations, grand openings. Many halls and meeting places do not have pizza ovens although they have kitchens, their clients love pizza. Make a deal and supply them.

If you are a go getter, and equipped for large production you should be able to vastly increase sales.

George Mills