Large Pizza Price

I know this has been done before, but I have not seen an update in some time. I am sure many of us have raised prices.

Also, could we post links to our business website? I have not seen that thread in a while either

Here is mine:

16" XLarge 11.99 1.50 per topping
10" Small 5.99 .75 per topping

$8.99 for a 16" large cheese, $1.50/ topping.

large 16" $12.25 with $2.00 per topping

16" $15.00 $1.70 per topping.

I think we should add local rent and pizza cook hourly wage to put prices in context.

Local rent including common area expense is $18 to $22 per foot.

Pizza cook wages are $10 to $12 per hour.

18"X24" 20.99 with pepperoni. It’s a square deal.

I don’t rent. Staff pay is $8-$15 per hour.

I don’t rent either, but the rental rate puts location expense into context. Businesses that own in a high rent area will have paid more for the building than others in low rent areas. The mortgage may be higher or lower depending on how long they have owned, what down payment they made and other factors… but overall, local occupany expense will be a factor in the local competitive landscape that drives local pricing. An area with higher rents is likely to have higher pizza prices. Same goes for wages.

Our wage range is wider if I include drivers and managers. $6.00 to $18.00. It is just our cooks that make $10-$12

I did a little math, and came up with the following:
Your 16" pizza has roughly 201 square inches of surface area and it sells for $11.99, this calculates out at $0.0596 (about 6-cents) per square inch, while your 10" pizza with approximately 79 square inches of surface area sells for $5.99 for a cost per square inch of $0.075 (7.5-cents). This means that your 16" pizza is selling for about 25% less per square inch than your 10" pizza, making the 16" pizza the better deal.
Make mine a large (16") with fresh tomato slices, onion, green peppers, and sausage.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

I don’t have cooks. Our staff is cross trained to do everything. They start at $8 (learning certain things as they progress)and depending on how long they have been there and how fast they are at everything they get as much as $15. My two managers make $19 and $26.
It’s a different approach but it works for us. We average over 300 orders a day and we don’t deliver so things are different for us.

Rent in our area is $7 to $11 and there is not much to choose from in our rural area.

I pay 8.50-10.00/hr and my rent is $650/month for approximately 1100/sq ft

I guess this a good of chance to make my first post.

Lg 15" pizza for either Cheese or 1 topping $11.50.

Oops. Just realized this thread was 3 years old. Not really sure how I found it or got here. I’ll call it a rookie mistake. :roll:

It’s a current thread, so nothing to worry about.

16" cheese @12.00
toppings 1.75 (average 3 oz portion . . . portion size required to make topping meaningful info)

Cooks $8-$10 rent $1600 for 5200 sq ft

We cross train too, but employess get paid a different wage according to the work they are doing that shift. On the POS they clock in by job description and the POS tracks how many hours at what job.