Large Pizza Price

wondering who charges a price for a Cheese pizza and then charges additional for 1 topping or is it the same price

Cheese pizza is the base price, every topping added is the same price per size on top of the base price.

We charge $20 for an 18" NY style and $2 per topping with anchovies at $3. With adding Ricotta and our toppings a pie goes to over $30 and people don’t bat an eye here. Walter

16" large cheese for $10.99 each topping is $1.50.

13.95 for a 14" cheese, 1.75 per topping. First topping ISN’T free.

16" cheese pizza $10.50-toppings $1.50 ea.
I pay $2.05lb diced three cheese blend.
I use 9.5oz for a large cheese pizza

12" small 9.99 1.50 topping, 14" med. 11.99 2.00 topping, 16" lg. 13.99 2.50 topping, 18" Xlg 16.99 3.50 topping. Premium toppings like Chicken and Shrimp are 50% more per topping. I think Papa Johns charges more for just a plain cheese.

16" cheese is $16.75
Each topping including the first one is $1.75
Several toppings like chicken, cashews, feta are 2X @ 3.50
Wild Game sausages Elk and Boar and Sockeye in season are 3X @ $5.25

The prices im seeing most members of the forum get for pizza is incredible. There is not a chance anyone around here would
be able to charge and get that type of money for pizza. Im in NH ranked 6th richest state, boy are we behind in the pizza game

We have four different sizes on our pizzas from 14" to 24". Toppings prices vary by size of pizza and are split between regular toppings and premium toppings. The only pizza that gets a free topping is our 10" kids pizza. All the rest of the pizzas get charged per topping above cheese.

This all would be more relevant if the price of cheese was also part of the answer. I pay $4.95/lb for mozza and charge $13.99 for a 14" basic cheese pizza. $1.79 for veg and $2.69 for meat, $3.99 for cheeses and other premium toppings.

I charge 18.99 for 16" cheese, +1.00 for each additional topping

Is that a typo or are you paying 4.95 a pound for cheese in Canada, if so what brand at that price?

Our best selling pizza in the best selling size is our 16" Bog Dog. Red Sauce, 100% Mozz, pepperoni (about 45 slices) sausage, red onions, mushrooms black olives. In a 16" size the price is $25.50. Our aver order last month was $35.40. Average coupon value was about $4.00

Pizza cooks here make $11-$12 per hour and assistant managers make about $14-$15. Typical employee is paying $800 month in rent (per person). Retail rents are $22-$30 per foot PLUS NNN expenses. A 1200 square foot space for a delco would cost $3000 a month IF you could find one.

Go out with a family of four and have hamburgers fries and soda for kids and a couple of beers each for parents with tax and tip will cost you $100.

Pizza for four with a family salad, a dozen wings and two pints of ice cream and four sodas all for $65 including delivery and tip brought to your door sounds pretty good.

No that is not a typo and that is with a government rebate for the pizza industry taken into account. The cheapest Mozza you can get here runs $4.50/lb and is like rubber.

I guess NAFTA does not apply to the dairy market. The difference in price is crazy. Could one not import cheese from the USA with no duty?

There are huge tariffs on any dairy coming in to Canada. One of the chains here tried to play games with the tariffs by claiming the cheese they were bringing in with the pepperoni was part of a pizza kit. The CDC shut that down and gave them a hefty fine.

12.49 for 18 inch cheese . $2.50 for full topping . $1.25 for half topping.

$10.49 for 16 inch cheese.

Premium toppings higher .

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