Large Pizza Tray Help

We are about to unveil a new eating challenge featuring a 32" pizza. I found a great screen from Lloyd pans but they want just shy of $200 for a 32" pizza serving tray. Does anyone know where I can find a 32", 33" or 34" serving tray that we could serve the pizza on?

I’m having enough trouble just finding 16" parchment papers for our to-go pizzas. I can’t imagine trying to source a 32" pan, lol. Sorry :\

Be thankful Lloyd’s can do it for $200. I doubt there is anyone out there making those sizes as standard offerings. Perhaps a local fabrication shop can quote you on a 32" flat stainless steel piece of sufficient thickness.

Look at it this way…how many do you need? I would say 2! One to use and a backup. Not like they will be lining up out the door waiting for the 32"er! :!: That and Lloyd’s is top notch product and service.