Las Vegas pizza expo? any tips?

Have you guys been to the Las Vegas pizza expo? any tips for a first timer? Any way to maximize the learning curve for a guy just starting out? Thank you!

Go to some of the seminars. Pick the ones that interest you but don’t go to any one speaker more than once. Your time will be better spent getting someone elses point of view. Go to Bull and Beer and move to a few tables throughout it and get to know everyone at each table you sit at. Don’t be afraid to ask questions here because that’s what everyone is there for, to share experiences. As far as the show floor, on day one, cruise the whole floor without taking significant time at any one vendor. Make small talk with and a mental note of where vendors of interest are. Set “appointments” for day two or three with those you want to sit down with. Way too much chaos on day one. If you would like, get in touch with me beforehand and we can plan a time to get a beer or three. I’ll be easy to spot for a Nole, I’ll be the one wearing orange and blue. :stuck_out_tongue:

One thing that I do every year is buy the recording of the complete sessions. I find that there are way too many distractions to get the everything I want as far as the seminars are concerned. I can listen to the sessions I missed while doing mundane tasks around the store or house once I get home.

PMQ is also planning a reception for For Think Tank members. Details to follow.

Great, I’m in! My name is Scott from Chicago.

Where can you get the audio of the sessions?

There is a booth off to the side of the registration area that sells them. You can get either individual sessions or the complete conference including keynote speakers. For past years you can get them here … rch=EVENTS

see ya there Daddio Facebook me the info on PMQ stuff

Thanks Daddio. Any years you recommend getting? I did like sitting in the seminars last year, but keeping up with the times and the location was a headache.

I saw you wandering the floor last year, I was going to introduce myself but I was talking to someone and than I lost ya. Maybe this year.